Dance Of The Wind review

Director Rajan Khosa reflects on the power of 5,000 years of Indian oral tradition in this thoughtful, yet baffling, tale. In contemporary New Delhi, professional musician Pallavi Sehgel (Gidwani) loses her singing voice after her mother (who's also a music teacher) dies. With a strained marriage and a strong dose of melancholy, she searches for her mother's guru, in the belief that they'll restore her voice.

Very rarely is understanding a film's soundtrack a pre-requisite for enjoying what's on the screen: but here, it's a necessity. With limited dialogue and too many laboured poetic images, the narrative relies on Indian music to carry the mood and interpret the characters' feelings. Despite the compelling cinematography and sensitive performances all round, Dance Of The Wind is undeniably slow, dull and uninspiring.

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