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Cliffy B goes behind the scenes with the first Gears of War

Look, I know he prefers Cliff Bleszinski these days but when you're looking back at the original Gears Of War you've got to play things old school.

CliffB's been tweeting a ton of old info on the first game with the hashtag #GearsFacts and it's a gold mine of trivia. Here's my favourite:

Elsewhere he reveals that he'd wanted a chainsaw gun for a while before he got it in GOW, and the cover system was inspired by an old cult-ish shooter called Kill.Switch. That was the first game to really push the idea of cover shooting as a core third person mechanic.

He also covers pitching the original game:

It's interesting to see how some of the stylistic ideas came about too. Anya's breast size was downgraded from her original "huge boobs", Carlos Ferro was cast as Dom because Cliff was "tired of hearing Speedy Gonzales voices in Splinter Cell games", and laser guns were taken out to give the game tech a more Vietnam feel.

He also admits that the idea of the Beserker being female and chained down for breeding was "pretty fucked up" in hindsight. Adding that he "was in a dark place". The game's tone apparently has an oddly personal source as well:

Finally there's some really nice insight into design ideas that did and didn't make the cut:

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