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Cho Aniki Zero squat thrusts onto PSP’s face

Good news for Zangief fans, shmup Cho Aniki Zero is coming to PSP via PSN! If you only understood most of the words in that sentence, a little explanation is in order.

Above: A language you don't understand and a picture you don't want to.

While the Cho Aniki (roughly, Super Big Brothers) series hasn’t reached the same level of name recognition as say, Mario, it remains fairly well-known amongst gamers, as it’s a great example of something so Japanese your head implodes the first time you see it. The series is notorious for its bizarre, scantily clad muscle men and flagrantly homoerotic overtones; add to that its strange graphics, bizarre bosses and relatively low production values, and you’ve got a recipe for a cult hit.

Above: I'm sure thisscored well with the test audiences

The game’s “plot” revolves around a bunch of comically huge, oiled up muscle men in speedos who are galactic protectors and blah blah blah no one cares, it’s a big wacky gay joke slapped over an R-Type clone. Even the press release is chock full of innuendo and dick jokes. In fact, the press release sums it up best: “Collect enough Man Protein to unleash the devastating attack of the Men’s Beam!” Indeed.

Cho Aniki Zero arrives sometime soonon PSN, as it's scheduled for a Spring 2010 release.

Mar 25, 2010

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