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Written by: Daniel Acaba GameFAQS ID: Misfit119 Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com System: Any Version 1.0 - 11/18/2004 This FAQ Copyright 2004 Daniel Acaba List of Sites that may host this FAQ: www.ign.com www.gamefaqs.com www.gamerstemple.com www.cheatcc.com www.gamesradar.com / www.cheatplanet.com Update History Version 1.0 - FAQ originally posted Version 1.5 - Fixed some minor issues (spelling, grammar, erroneous boss fight order, etc.), updated strategies Version 2.0 - Added the Ninjas and updated the strategies some more with some player suggestions and my own. Version 2.1 - I made a fairly large screw up... I deleted the second part of the Ephemera fights. Well that's fixed thanks to a few emails pointing it out. I hope that helps. Note: Unless someone pulls out a major boss strategy that has not been listed here, this is likely the final update that I will do for this FAQ. It's been fun though and Id like to thank all those who have sent me positive feedback on my first FAQ. :) ========================================================= Index ========================================================= 1 - About this FAQ 2 - General Tips For Bosses 3 - Sub-bosses Dhampir type A The Kestrel Vampires Dhampir type B Turned Foremen Ephemeras Ninjas Pink Suits The Ancients 4 - Bosses Zerenski - Fight Atop the Mansion Slezz - The Ancient One Ephemera - pt. 1 - A Little Test Amidst Chaos Ferril - Atop the Shroud Tower Ephemera pt. 2 - Showdown To The Death Xerxes pt. 1 - The Sun Cannons The Unraveller - Weird Fight Xerxes pt. 2 - The Suit Kagan - The Final Battle 5 - About the Author 6 - Update History ========================================================= 1. About this FAQ ========================================================= This FAQ was created with a simple purpose in mind. To help people with the bosses in this game, the only real problem to how good it is in my eyes. Some of them are just ridiculous to beat and it slows down the games rapid fire action with easter egg hunt missions. But it's still a great game. Hope you enjoy my first FAQ! ========================================================= 2. General Tips for Bosses ========================================================= - Always listen to what Severin tells you or things that Rayne herself says. That may be of more value in the end than anything that I can tell you. - Rage is your friend. Use it often on bosses and get it back as soon as possible. You never know when another boss or sub-boss will come out at you. - I doubt it needs to be said, but keep multiple saves, just in case you box yourself into a corner. - When you're not sure what to do, try Aura Vision. - Don't use your harpoon on most bosses or even some of the tougher enemies later one (Ephemeras ninjas come to mind). It won't work and might end up with you getting hit by some cheap shots from other people. - Your guns are similarly useless against the bosses, unless noted otherwise. They will simply ignore them and continue to come after you. Blood Hammer seems to work on some of the later ones however. This is noted below. ========================================================= 2. Sub-Bosses ========================================================= Dhampir type A - Upon entering the inner area of the mansion, you will encounter this bald Dhampir will attack you with some basic sword attacks. This fight doesn't require much of you. Use Blood Rage, which is hopefully full and go for him. The only real tactic of note, is that getting behind him will grant you easy, but not guaranteed hits. If you prefer to use kicks and knock him down, do NOT attempt to attack him while he is on the floor. It will do minimum damage, if any, and he will counterattack quickly. I suggest you stick to using the blades and keep behind him at all times. He goes down fast enough. Others of this ones ilk will remain a constant thorn in your side for a good portion of the game, so remember this strategy making small adaptations for others who may be present, and any scenery. Threat: Moderate (1st fight), Minor (as sub bosses) The Kestrel Vampires - The whack jobs... how frustrating. They're frustrating when you first encounter them, but give it a few bosses and you will be wishing you were fighting them again. Basically they are the same as the type B Dhampir, listed below, in how they fight, except they're not as fast. If you've got the rage for it, use Blood Rage and try to keep behind them. Kick them down a lot as that seems to hurt them quite a bit and use your blades when you start to get surrounded by their minions. If they're simply too fast for you, turn on Dilated Vision and try to keep behind them, kicking them. Cheap shots are best sometimes. Threat: Moderate Dhampir type B - You will first fight this dark haired Dhampir in the shroud production plant. You will know them when you see them. While in melee combat, they fight quite similar to their bald brethren, but they show quite a penchant for retreating. They're somewhat faster than the other Dhampir and they use it. They will put distance between themselves and you and fire darts at you. This is VERY annoying and can cause a lot of difficulty in catching up to them to hit them with a comb. Depending on you're fighting style, you may find that knocking them all over with kicks in a Blood Rage / Fury works best. In a few situations however, it may benefit you to use the speed powers to slow them and their cronies down and use the blades on them. They will be QUITE the irritant the first few times you fight them, when they're not alone, but later in the game, you'll just be thankful it's not another damnable Foreman bearing down on you. Threat: Moderate Turned - Big, stupid and hard as hell to fight. These are what you're going to think of when you think of these monsters. Fighting them head up, while a requirement in a few hellish areas, is a fool's gambit. Always look for a simpler way to fight them. My favorite, though time consuming method, is to run from them until they charge at you like a bull. Then dodge to the side and they will hit the will. Run up on their side (Don't lock on or you will miss your first few attacks) and then just hack at it a few times, then run away and repeat. However, in one area of the factory, you can actually man a GUN TURRET to use against them. Just take out the ones behind it and line up the sucker in your sights. Lastly, you will fight one in Kagans' tower. If you're quick enough, you can make him run RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW. So much fun to see and will save you so much time. Overall, if you MUST fight them, I highly suggest you use blood rage / fury and stay behind them at ALL times possible. Threat: High (Direct Combat), Minor (using environment) Foremen - These guys seem to have slightly less health than the Turned, but do oodles more damage. See that hammer in his hand? It's a 500 lb hammer... and he uses it like a toy. Avoid it at all costs. Now the real threat here is if you try to run away. He will slam the hammer on the floor and you will go flying and take a good amount of damage. Thus, I've learned its best not to even hesitate for a second when you see one. Turn on blood rage / fury so it can't knock you down and charge him. Do your best to stay behind him and he should die soon enough. Don't bother with kicks, just stay with the blades and his health will go quickly. Threat: High (without blood rage), Moderate (with) Ephemera's Ninjas - These guys are possibly one of the hardest enemies you will fight in the game, with or without blood rages and other powers. In addition, the first time you will fight them is when you've just gotten through with what I think is one of the hardest parts of the game; Ferrils' shroud tower rooftop battle. I cannot really emphasize how careful you need to be with these guys. Especially if there is more than one. They are very fast, have ranged attacks and can kill you very fast. One of the most important things that I can point out is that your harpoons will NOT work on them unless you can somehow get behind them (not easily done at all) or you can knock them down or stun them. Personally, I have come to realize that by shooting them with your guns a little, you can stun them and then hook them if you are in an area where you need to destroy something with them (such as in the park with the helicopter). If not, do not even bother trying to harpoon them. Simply move in close to them so you avoid them throwing things at you and then wait for them to attack. Counter attack and then beat on them relentlessly once you land a blow. Don't stop hitting until they are dead and not moving. Threat: High Pink Suits - Ill level with you; I have no idea what the HELL this thing is supposed to be. It's mentioned that they were designed to protect the wearer from the sun which I'm assuming means there's a vampire or minion inside it, but its still just odd looking. In either case, fight them much like you would the turned. Keep behind them and lay into them with a blood rage / fury blade combo. They will go down soon enough. There is one room to watch for. You will have to fight about seven of these guys, while minions attack you. Clear out the minions as best you can and man the mounted gun turrets, take out as many of the suits as you can before a minion hits you. Quickly kill any near you and run to the gun, farthest from the suit. Repeat until the room has been cleared. Edit: A few people have suggested to me that these are not suits, only the one Xerxes is in is. These are supposed to be the Children of Slezz that she spoke of when you meet her. If anyone can confirm this, feel free to email me if you have the conversation this was said in. Threat: Moderate Ancient Vampires - Personally, I don't see the big deal with these guys. I mean, at a distance, their automatic rifles will tear you up. But if you can stay close to them with a good blood rage / fury combo, then they're not that big of a deal. Get up on them, stay behind them as best you can and do your best to keep slashing the crap out of them. Not too complicated so long as you've got the rage to do it. If you are really having problems with them, then it may be best to try and trap them into a corner with kicks and then time them to hit it when it's getting up. This keeps it perpetually falling down and unable to really fight back. Threat: Minor ========================================================= 3. Bosses ========================================================= Zerenski - Fight Atop the Mansion - This fight doesn't really require much information to help you through. It's all very simple. You should know this area by now, as you have traversed it before. Simply keep moving and going after him. Once you near him, hit him once or twice and he will turn into a bat form. Turn on Aura Vision and shoot at the bats that are lit up. This will hurt him but he will reform away from you. Simply run to him and repeat as necessary. I suggest using your blood rage here to stop from the bats even affecting you. This will make this fight MUCH less annoying. Threat: Minor (almost inconsequential) Slezz, The Ancient One - You will encounter this unhappy mother down deep in the sewer levels. For all her size, she isn't really too hard to beat and they show you how to do so in a small cut scene that makes no real sense to me. Why would a minion hurt her only to get blown up? Odd. In either case, this is simple. Hit the switch to make the water level in the room rise. This is VERY important as you cannot hurt her otherwise. When she throws one of the men at you (listen for the beeping and you will see them airborne), lock onto them. When they're close, grapple it and toss it back at her. Now, if the water level is down, she will simply raise her wings and block the hit. If it is up, she will be hurt. Do this a few more times, only breaking to dispose of the enemies who come and to flip the switch some more. After a short while, you will actually blow her stomach wide open. Now this is the part that stumped me, and a few others. Hop down and get onto one of the platforms. Leap inside her belly (Yummy!) and when the camera view shows you her heart, lock onto it and fire your harpoon. Give it a little tug and that will be the end of this one. Its kind of icky but amusing to listen to Rayne's commentary afterwards. Threat: Minor Ephemera - pt. 1 - A Little Test Amidst Chaos - This isn't a real boss fight, so don't really sweat it too much. I put it here for completion, but its nothing to worry yourself over. Ephemera will come in and talk a little bit of trash before attacking. Activate Blood Rage and go right at her. Quickly dodge around her, NOT over or she will sometimes move too fast for you to do such, and attack her. After a short time she will teleport away and fully heal. Don't worry about it. The fight is basically over with. Give it a few more moments and you can move on in the game. Threat: Minor Ferril - Atop the Shroud Tower - This is where the more annoying boss fights begin. Although Ferril is the "boss" here, you're not here to fight her, nor her minions. Your job here is to destroy all of the pumps on the tower, and there are ALOT of them (near 20). To make matters worse, while you're doing this, an invincible Ferril is chasing you and trying to slice you up (you can't even lock onto her for some odd reason, but it doesn't matter) and she is just as acrobatic as Rayne is, meaning she can follow you pretty much wherever you go on the stage with time. There is nothing you can do about her. Even if you hit her, all you can do is knock her down. I even tried knocking her off the tower. No dice. She comes back after a bit, like a bad rash. Her minions are also gonna get in your way. Until you get a good idea of the layout of the place, it's a good idea to take out the ones that chase you and ignore the shooters. I strongly suggest you use bursts of super speed here as it will let you outrun Ferril. What you're gonna want to do here, is head the right staircase. Make sure to take it all the way to the top and then turn to your side. Attack the sparking pumps that are attached to the tower using your blades. A few shots should do it. There are two on either end of the platform. Once that is done, run towards the middle of the platform and use the poles to get you across to the other side. Repeat the procedure from before with the pumps. Now return to the middle platform. If you look carefully, there should be a metal rail that you can run up to get to the upper level. Take out the pumps up there before going back down the rail to the center platform. Now go back to the platform you started on. Next to the stairs that brought you up to the middle section, you should see a pipe you can swing from, with a hanging pipe next to it. Use your aura vision if you can't make it out. Get to the hanging pipe and climb up it, jumping to the other hanging pipe you will see. This should get you back to the top, but on the other side. Destroy these last pumps and you're done. As a note, you have to be VERY careful with your rage in this fight. You will have little to no time to kill off the minions before Ferril catches and attacks you. She will kill you, and fast, so moving quickly is imperative. Some people have suggested that the Shroud itself hurts you. I've tried to watch and confirm this, but I've not really noticed it. This may be due to the men shooting me or me getting distracted by Ferril, but I've not noticed the damage myself. Edit: It has been confirmed that the shroud, indeed will hurt you. And it will do so quite badly as time goes on. This only makes me feel, even more so that using super speed and blood rage are imperative to survive. In addition, AiTenshi has made a suggestion that may work for some players out there. Rather than trying to bullet through the tower like I did, only refilling when the tower took you to the bottom, you can try this. Use Dilated Perception to stay just ahead of Ferril as you run. Head for the first batch of pumps and begin to run in a circle around them, attacking each one once as you pass it. Do not stop or Ferril will catch you. Circle it until they are all destroyed and then move on to the next ones on the same side as you. Once you have cleared off a whole side, head to the bottom. Fight minions, refill your bars and then head on back up. Repeat this until you have cleared the tower. Threat: High (Medium once you know where you're going) Ephemera pt. 2 - Showdown To The Death - This fight is really simple so long as you actually listen to what you are told by Severin about destroying Ephemeras shadow portals. This is fairly simple. Just turn on Super Speed and rush for each of the portals and destroy them. The only one that should stump you is the one that is in a pool of water. To shut that one off you need to pull down the metal object that is at the top of the waterfall. If you are having problems with finding the object that I am referring to, stand in the pool of water, turn on super speed and turn in a circle slowly, trying to target the scenery. You'll find it. Once that is done, try to get to a few of the minions and slaughter them with fatalities to get your Rage up again. Then head for Ephemera and handle her like all the other bosses; get that Blood Fury going and get behind her and beat her senseless. It's easy once you get past the stupid portals. Threat: Moderate Xerxes pt. 1 - The Sun Cannons - A welcome break from all the other boss fights they've been sticking you with, you STILL can't attack the actual boss, but the objective here is very simple. Get to all those stupid Sun Cannons and bust them. Easy said as it is done. Simply get to the middle platform and leap up onto it. Destroy the cannons with your blades. Then turn on aura vision as a visual aide and head for the two towers in the back. You will see grates you can climb on. Get up there and shut down the last one. If you're finding any difficulties here, you're provided a seemingly endless supply of weaponless goons to feed from. This is also a good place to recharge your dragon pistols to full capacity. Threat: Minor The Unraveller - Weird Fight - This fight seems near impossible at first. It takes awhile until you realize how simple it is. I've heard there are other strategies to beating this boss, but until I get the chance to test all of them myself, Id rather not bother with hearsay. The simplest way to fight him is to get the Blood Hammer gun mode ready and fire at him. It is imperative that you are careful with your ammo. It will take a lot of shots to do this guy in and you can only have three shots at a time. Hit him those three times before finding the minions on the level and refilling. Get to a comfortable spot and hit him again. Repeat until done. I will update this if I can confirm a less tedious method. Update: I can confirm that there is a less tedious way to fight this boss; however I myself am finding a sort of difficulty with this method. I will put it forward so that if any find use with it, then it isn't a total wash. When you are fighting the Unraveller there are four... pods of some sort that are on the ceiling of the room you fight him in. You can access them by taking the first rail in the room straight up and making your way to the stairwell. Once on it, go up until you reach the top and begin to run through this area. Now, each time you reach an opening in the walls, you will find that if you keep switching targets, you will lock onto an odd shaped pod in the ceiling. Harpoon it and pull it. This will drop… something out of it. Do this three times up top. This is the part that of fight I'm still unsure of. In this room there is a pole you can climb. Turn on Super Speed to slow things down and go up it, then jump to the platform carefully. Leap up to the other pole and swing before you climb up the next pole. Hop off onto this new platform and proceed to harpoon and pull the last pod. This is the problem however. I can never seem to find the area with the pole purposefully. I'm not sure where it is in the rooms and tend to find it haphazardly as it is nigh impossible for me to keep track of where I'm going in here with the Unraveller knocking me around with its projectile vomit. I still use this method, just keep on moving till I find my target. Threat: Moderate Xerxes pt. 2 - The Suit - A frustrating fight until you realize what to do, this fight it is quite important to watch for the bosses attacks. You will have little time to feed if the need arises and have to seek cover far away from the boss and hope the minions come to you. It is of utmost importance that you avoid the sun cannon. It will hurt quite immensely. His other attack form to watch out for is a large fire blast he will throw at you. It will do a lot of damage and toss you back, something it seems to do even if you're in blood fury mode. However, even if you stand close to him, this TOO is a bad idea as he has a stomp attack, which will not really hurt you, but it can knock you through the air. This has knocked me off of the roof you're fighting him on. Not fun. You could destroy him by battering him down with Blood Hammers, but that would take forever. It's easiest to simply fire at him carefully with the Blood Hammers and knock off the four pink plates that Rayne points out in the earlier cut scene (go to the upper levels to hit the top ones if you need to). Once they're all off, move close carefully and harpoon the green plates. Pull the harpoon away from him and yank them off. This will hurt him badly. Do it three times and he should be done with. As simple as this strategy sounds, I must stress how difficult it can actually be. With all of his attacks not to mention his minions, it can be QUITE a task. Edit: Several people have reminded me of this strategy and I didn't put it here due to thinking it was somewhat academic, but Ill put it here to make sure those who have not quite thought of it can know. Hope it helps make this easier and thanks for the reminders from those who sent me the emails. In the four corners of the roof, there are small rooms. If you are taking a beating, you can go hide in one of the rooms and let his minions come to you. Slaughter them, refill your blood and your gun ammo and then head on back out to fight Xerxes again. In addition, in one of the rooms there is a hidden blood fountain that will fully restore you and it will also give you a longer health bar (unless you've hit all the others on the way). You'll need to use your Aura Vision to see the entrance. This can help even more so. Threat: High Kagan - The Final Battle - This fight is disappointingly easy. Kagan really only has two attacks of note to really watch out for. He will sometimes begin to swing his sword like the madman he is. Just stay back or try to go behind him. If you move fast enough, you should get to him nice and quickly and slash him up some. The other attack, he will levitate into the air and a beam of purple-pinkish light will shine down on you and you've got a few seconds to get away from him or you're gonna get blasted. But for all this threat, he's not that hard. If you have a maxed out Carnage bar, then this shouldn't be too big a deal. Activate Blood Fury and use the kick combo. It is the most powerful move you can get off on him. Hit him as hard and fast as you can and he should be hurting pretty fast. When he's down to the last quarter of his health, he will move for the blood pool in the middle of the room and stand there. While in it, he will heal and rather quickly. Don't let him get that chance. Knock him out with that same kick combo and try to cut him to ribbons before this fight becomes a long drawn out one that he will win eventually. Edit: AiTenshi sent me this strategy, and now that I know it works, these game developers need to plan things a bit better. Fight Kagan however you choose until he heads into the blood fountain. Once there, follow him inside and turn on Freeze Time. Now feel free to start pounding on him. He will be unable to heal with the fountain due to the speed that he will be moving at (next to nothing), and you will be able to heal as normal, taking his few blows he will give you while you slaughter him. You can dodge him like this easily. This shouldn't take very long at all. Threat: Moderate (Irrelevant with the second strategy) ========================================================= 4. About the Author ========================================================= My names Daniel Acaba. I live in New York and I'm a huge video game fan. Not as big as I used to be and I'm no fan of most action games, but Bloodrayne 2 appealed to me with all its wanton carnage. Got to love that. I roam the GameFAQs message board, arguing with trolls for fun and trying to help people when I can in their games, as Misfit119. :D ========================================================= 5. Thanks ========================================================= While nothing too large, I hate not thanking the people who help me out. So thanks go out to... AiTenshi for his suggestions on fighting the bosses as well as just a few other things to put in here. And thanks to those who have emailed me with compliments on the FAQ. Means a lot to me as I did this for the other players out there. =) ========================================================= Boss FAQ courtesy of Daniel Acaba (Misfit119)</p>