Shadowrun FAQ/Walkthrough Jeroen Amin (Invisible Assassin) 1.0 invisibleassassin (AT) gmail (DOT) com Welcome to my Shadowrun guide. This entire guide is based on the views of author. Because the game is multiplayer only, the final conclusion of the game's facets comes from the player, not the guide. This is not a standard FPS where there is one and only one way to play. This is entirely customizable by the player. As such, this is an intro to the basics of Shadowrun so that the players and newbies alike can use the following information as a guide to a higher understanding of the game. +--------------------+ Table of Contents +--------------------+ 1. Controls 2. Basics 3. Races 4. Weapons 5. Magic 6. Tech 7. Maps 8. Legal IF YOU WANT BUILDS PLEASE LOOK AT JAGOX'S GUIDE! I can't do it without making it look like I was plaigerising since he's got everything covered. +--------------------+ Version Info +--------------------+ July 9, 2007- First version done. It's got everything I can possible say without ripping off JagoX's section on Builds. He's got that covered, who am I to interject? +--------------------+ 1. Controls +--------------------+ Left analogue stick: Move Click to crouch Right analog: Look Click to zoom Left: Ask for help Right: Order team move Up: Report enemies/ask for revive A: Jump X: Reload Hold to pick up. Y: Switch weapons Hold to drop. B: Magic/Tech menu RT: Fire RB: Tech/magic LB: Tech/magic LT: Tech/magic +--------------------+ 2. Basics +--------------------+ Shadowrun is basically Counter-Strike with magic. That means it is a team deathmatch with no respawns. You buy your weapons at the start of each round and each kill or objective you get means more money for you. The difference is that this game also features things like magic and technology that help you move, kill and complete the match in more ways than Counter-Strike ever let you. However, this also means that if you die, you lose your weapon. Also, like CS, there are no overall unlockables. Each game is its own and has no bearing anywhere else. There are no unlockables for you to show off. In Shadowrun, there are three gametypes: Extraction- teams must steal artifact or kill the other team Raid- one team defends the artifact, the other steals Attrition- teams must destroy the other Though all of these are slightly different, they can all be beaten by killing off the opposing team. Attrition does not allow you to dispose of corpses. Shadowrun is all about teamwork. Use your team and stick together and take out memebers of the other team. Help each other out with Trees of Life and Ressurect because not only does it help you win, it gets you more money. Hurting your team will cause a massive loss of money. At the start of each round, you can buy weapons, magic and tech. You are allowed any two weapons at once and you can switch through spells on the fly. Like CS, it all comes down to you and your team going against another team, both trying to wipe each other out or complete the objective. Destroy your enemies' corpses or they could be resurrected. Unlike CS, though, this game balances itself to create a balance of skill between teams. The losing team will lose less essence from casting spells and their corpses take longer to be destroyed The game also features bleeding out, where you lose a constant stream of health until death. This happens if you get stabbed in the back or if the person who resurrected you dies. The only way to stop this is to stay next to a Tree of Life or get another Resurrection spell cast on you. +--------------------+ 3. Races +--------------------+ Remember: there is no definite "good" race. Go with what feels comfortable. This is not like Enemy Territory or Battlefield where a team needs certain amounts of character classes to win. This is about how the players use their character races to win. While some races are better for some things, like scouting or assault, they can all be equally effective in capable hands. ----- Human ----- Health: 7 Essence: 6 Top Speed: 8 Strength: 7 The natural all-rounders or the gaming industry. Not the best, not the worst. They're statistically neutral. One bonus they do get is that they don't suffer an essence penalty for using Tech. Another bonus is that they start of with $2500 instead of $2000 like the other races. Being humans, they are faster then the trolls or dwarves but not as fast as the elves. They do have the second most health, though. Good-balanced, all-round -no essence penalty for Tech -extra money Bad-none --- Elf --- Health: 5 Essence: 8 Top Speed: 10 Strength: 6 As usual, elves are fast, good with magic, weak and have the least health. However, what really makes this race is the health regeneration they get. This makes them great for hit and runs where they can just rush in, do their damage, pull out, heal and then do it again. Though this does take a bit of essence, it is worth it. However, don't overestimate the speed rating. A heavy weapon will completely sap the speed. An elf can be both the fastest and the slowest race in the game. Even the shotgun, the perfect hit and run weapon, slows them down. The strategy I use is to run up with a pistol or SMG and then switch to a shotgun if I want to get in and out quickly. Good-fastest race -health regeneration Bad-huge loss of speed with heavy weapons -least health ----- Troll ----- Health: 10 Essence: 6 Top Speed: 6 Strength: 10 At the opposite end of the spectrum are the trolls. The highest health, the strongest race but also the weakest with essence and speed. They are pretty much the powerhouses of the game and, as such, suffer no speed penalty for using a heavy weapon. They do have the ability of hardening their armour against attacks so whenever they take damage, they get more of a resistance to damage at the expense of essence. What does that mean? Don't. Attack. Them. Directly. Even if you're an elf with a rocket launcher, chances are that troll will chase you down and hit you with his own rocket launcher. Because of their massive size, though, they make for huge targets. Also, they have the lowest amount of essence at their disposal, so the dwarves' leech ability will harm the troll immmensely. Good-no movement penalty -strongest race -most health -harden ability Bad-lowest essence -slowest -huge targets ----- Dwarf ----- Health: 6 Essence: 10 Top Speed: 7 Strength: 9 While the strength and speed aren't surpsrising, the essence and health are. Most games peg dwarves as having little to do by way of magic and lots to do by way of constitution. However, both these are balanced out by the fact that their essence regenerates the slowest and they are the only race that can survive more than one headshot. Their small stature makes them a smaller target and their high strength allows them to handle the heaviest of weapons with relative ease. Though the dwarves have no extremes, like the humans, they do have the neat little ability of sapping essence out of players and magical items like Tree of Life or other summon. This can lead to trapping the enemies into not being able to flee as easily or use offensive spells. This can make them vulnerable. This ability, however, can backfire because the dwarves can sap their own teammates' essence. Good-most essence -essence leech -critical hit resistance -small target Bad-lowest essence regeneration -essence leech can be a team liablity +--------------------+ 4. Weapons +--------------------+ For some reason, all stats are rated out of a possible 7. -------------------- Ares Predator Pistol -------------------- Damage: 1 Accuracy: 5 Rate of Fire: 6 Ideal Range: 3 $0 I find this pistol much more damaging than its stats let on. While you definitely should not keep this for too long, it can do its job well when used right. I'd recommend using this for an elf early in the game to run quickly before switching to a heavier weapon like a shotgun or sniper. Early in the game is when the pistol is at its finest. -------------- Ares HH.45 SMG -------------- Damage: 1 Accuracy: 3 Rate of Fire: 7 Ideal Range: 3 $500 Basically an automatic pistol. Still, it does its job well. Replace your pistol with this as soon as you can. And try not to spray unless you're up really close or else you'll just miss everything. -------------------------- Racom 7.62 MM Combat Rifle -------------------------- Damage: 2 Accuracy: 3 Rate of Fire: 5 Ideal Range: 6 $500 Really effective gun. I will admit, it has been a long time since I have seen a semi-automatic rifle in a game, but it is exactly what one expects it to be: a powerful, accurate weapon that works well from a long and medium range. Up close you might want a faster firing gun. Or a shotgun. ---------------------------- Racom Gutter Cleaner Shotgun ---------------------------- Damage: 6 Accuracy: 2 Rate of Fire: 3 Ideal Range: 2 $750 A shotgun. Really, what can I say? It's really good at close range, not so much at others. Heavy damage, slow rate of fire, the best CQC weapon. ---------------------------- Katana (Chi O Shakuhou Suru) ---------------------------- Damage: 3 Accuracy: 2 Rate of Fire: 3 Ideal Range: 1 $1000 Okay, now this was a surprise. I didn't expect a sword, or a third person view, but the katana delivers. While I'm sure you all know this, it needs to be said: only effective at close range. No, you can't throw it. Slicing and dicing is fun and hitting someone in the back or anyone with a question mark (?) over their head causes a bleed out. It only take a couple of hits to kill and with Wired Reflexes, it can deflect some bullets. Don't expect to go cyber-ninja all over the map, though. A shotgun will destroy you. ------------------ Vindicator Minigun ------------------ Damage: 1 Accuracy: 4 Rate of Fire: 7 Ideal Range: 4 $1250 Really? Only 1 damage? In real life, just one minigun bullet should be enough to down a person. Anyways, the on of the heaviest weapons in the game. It needs to charge up before shooting (like every minigun ever) but once it does, it shoots out a jetstream of bullets that no line of enemies can stand up to. A troll with this is deadly. A troll with this and Smartlink is overkill. ------------------------------- Kinetic Labs XM-20 Sniper Rifle ------------------------------- Damage: 5 Accuracy: 7 Rate of Fire: 2 Ideal Range: 7 $2500 Your run of the mill sniper rifle. Two levels of zoom, slow fire rate, high damage, perfect accuracy. Two shots to the body kills, one to the head kills. However, dwarves can resist a headshot, so two shots to kill them. Always. Oh, no no-scoping allowed either. They game doesn't let you. If you try to use this in close quarters, I question your common sense. Unless, of course, you can pick off people at point blank effeciently with this gun while zoomed in. -------------------------------- ArmTech Personal Rocket Launcher -------------------------------- Damage: 7 Accuracy: 1 Rate of Fire: 1 Ideal Range: 5 $5000 About as heavy as the minigun. Extremely slow fire rate but extremely high damage. I'm not sure why it has such a low accuracy rating, but the rocket does stray at longer ranges. Either way, it's the only weapon capable of taking out multiple enemies at once. And teammates. Watch out for that. +--------------------+ 5. Magic +--------------------+ Do NOT take the same skills every time for every race. That's silly. Mix it up as the situation calls for. If you're the primary attacking Troll with a minigun and a deathwish, you shouldn't take Resurrect. That's just stupid. Instead, try Tree of Life. If you're a hit and run Elf with a shotgun, why would you need Summon? I mean really. Why? ------------ Tree of Life ------------ Essence Use: 3 Essence Held: 0 $2000 This spell brings up a tree that heals everyone around it. That means you, team members and enemies. Someone on your team definitely needs this spell because it can really help turn the tide of a game. Anyone playing any role can use this spell. Elves will not really need this spell if they play their cards right, but a troll or human would do well to get this for backup. The tree can also be used for cover but it can be destroyed by conventional methods. Or a Dwarf. They will leech this thing so fast. --------- Resurrect --------- Essence Use: 4 Essence Held: 4 $2000 Someone HAS to have this on you team. Having this spell means the difference between a win and a loss. After you use it on someone's corpse, it takes up a permanent 4 slots of your essence until the person dies. While a troll would not willingly use this too much, it's perfect for a hit and run elf or a dwarf. -------- Strangle -------- Essence Use: 2 Essence Held: 2 $2000 Brings forth a bunch of crystals that dish out damage on contact. They last 90 seconds but can also be destroyed. Perfect for blocking off paths used by teleporters and excellent for guarding a relic. Can be used as an offensive spell too but that takes some practice. ---- Gust ---- Essence Use: 2 Essence Held: 0 $2000 This is great for pushing things. In fact, that's probably all it's good for. Very useful if you need extra lift, push someone to their death or get some jerk with a shotgun off of you. Especially useful for someone using Smoke. Guess what happens when wind pushes smoke. Trolls might like this spell if the opposing team likes to rush dwarves at them and everyone can use this against Gliders. ----- Smoke ----- Essence Use: 1 Essence Held: 0 $2000 This basically turns you into smoke. You can only be hit by Gust since bullets and explosions go right through you. The thing about this spell is that it will slowly drain essence when in use and having it equipped make essence regenerate slower and that's the last thing a Dwarf wants. However, it's a great exit strategy. -------- Teleport -------- Essence Use: 3 Essence Held: 0 $2250 Now this is a really useful spell for everyone. Even more so than Tree of Life. With this you can go anywhere quickly, escape quickly and hit and runs become a breeze. Combine this with the Glider for some extra distance. Word of warning, you can't Teleport with an artifact. ------ Summon ------ Essence Use: 4 Essence Held: 4 $3000 Summons a minion to fight with you. Their first priority it another minion, so they are a valid counter to an enemy's summon. While certainly no substitute to Resurrection, it's good in a pinch and having a helping hand is never a bad thing. Unless it's got a rocket launcher and no capabilities to determine the difference between friend and enemy. Thanks, Treyarch, for doing that in CoD3. +--------------------+ 6. Tech +--------------------+ While these don't use any essence, they do perpetually take up essence for every race other than the humans. The elves are the most heavily affected while the trolls are not. ------- Grenade ------- Essence Loss: 0 $0 Okay, the official site bills this as a weapon. Nevermind, in game it's a Tech skill you get from the start. It works just like in Halo, really. Hit the button and the grenade is thrown. Use effectively because you can only hold two at a time. ------ Glider ------ Essence Loss: 2 $2000 This lets you essentially float in the air. Use this to jump long distances or to break a fall. Feel free to use it to bring in some death from above, especially if you're a Dwarf. Beware Gust and snipers, though. --------------- Enhanced Vision --------------- Essence Loss: 3 (2 for Trolls) $2000 Lets you see other players regardless of walls or obstacles. Hit Up to give enemy positions to your team. Especially effective when using hit and run tactics with the Teleportation spell. This only lasts a few seconds, so be quick. You will know if an enemy is using it on you if you see a red circle expand across the screen. --------- Smartlink --------- Essence Loss: 2 $2000 This helps accuracy by activating a laser sight on the weapon. While this does mean everyone can see it, it also means that if the source is a minigun being held by a Troll, run. It makes firing full auto more managable with the SMG as well. Smartlink also increases the level of zoom on the Sniper Rifle and Rifle by one. ------------------- AntiMagic Generator ------------------- Essence Loss: 0 $1500 The Dwarves' ability in a can. It's like a grenade that activates a field that steals any intruder's essence and destroys anything magical. Like a Tree of Life or Strangle. -------------- Wired Reflexes -------------- Essence Loss: 4 (elves), 3 (dwarves), 2 (trolls) $2000 This sacrifices some health for more speed, jump and faster reloads. Almost essential for rushers or hit and run players. Used right with a troll, it can make them uber deadly. Nobody wants a troll running right after them with a minigun, especially if they also have Smartlink. Especially good if you're running an artifact. +--------------------+ 7. Maps +--------------------+ These strategies are only tips. They are not, nor ever will be, ways to help you get better at the game. They are not in-depth looks at each map detailing each and every way to traverse them. Instead, they are descriptions of the three main areas of action in each map. ----------- Power Plant ----------- The tutorial and demo level. Has a little bit of everything, so a good all-round map. Outside- Large open space, great for sniping. I don't recommend rushing anything out here as there will be plenty of angle to be slaughtered from. There are a lot of rooftops here where you can take a good vantage point. Inside- The artifact is in the corner of the room, on the first platform up. The office roof here is a great vantage point but there are many ways to get up there, so enemies can easily sneak up on you. There is enough cover to do some rushes, but still enough space to be slaughtered from North North East or something. Basement- A series of hallways which are great for any Troll with a minigun or a Dwarf with a shotgun, especially if he has Wired Reflexes. Roof- Extraction point for the artifact and so high up, sniping won't help. The only way up is a ramp. -------- Dig Site -------- Lots of medium range battles here, so don't rely on snipers or close quarter fighters much. Courtyard- Where lots of action is. Exit for the artifact is here. Teleporters can easily get to the backyard from here. However, there are multiple paths to the artifact, so try and secure them, defenders. Hall- Where the articaft is. There are a bunch of ways to get in here, so there is always someone getting shot up. Stay high. Caves- Great to move across the level and even better if you're a Dwarf with a shotgun. Now it is pretty wide here but some areas are incredibly narrow so use them to ambush. Red Room- Nice place to get a team together as it only acts as a room that brings the Caves to the Courtard, meaning only two entry and exit points. I wouldn't suggest staying in there, though. ------ Favela ------ Lots of close quarters here, but also lots of straight paths for anyone with a Rifle or SMG. The Plaza is especially great for a tank. Alley- Where RNA start and Lineage exits, there is a great sniper tower. Plaza- Where the artifact can be found. Huge, wide open area with no real hiding spots. Great for a troll with a minigun as he can just slaughter everything. If you're going in as a team, someone needs to cast a Tree of Life here. Streets- Very narrow. This is the ideal map for any close quarters builds, like a Dwarf with a Shotgun or an Elf with a Katana. Grenades work wonders here, too. ----- Lobby ----- Really, a bad map for snipers. Lots of medium range combat and open places so use a tank or two. Courtyard- Really, nothing more can be said about places like this. You should know how to take care of it by now. Get a tank, a Tree of Life, or a player who is way too good with a Sniper Rifle and you're fine. Lobby- Ah, the eponymous location. It's also where the artifact is. It's also a big area, so use a tank. If you have someone who can aim a rifle, they can do wonders from the stairs. Tower- Like the Courtyard but with more ledges you can camp on if you really want to. Cover the stairs. --------- Maelstrom --------- Now this is a very different level. You can actually fall to your doom! Any sort of class will work here, so mix and match. Platforms- Jumping and gliding is very important here, lest you fall to your doom. Also fun to use here is Gust, for obvious reasons. Oh, and see the big beam of light? Don't jump in unless you have the artifact. Ring- Lots of walls around here so Teleporters will have fun, especially if they're using hit and run tactics. There are still tons of paths to the artifact so set up Strangle in some places. Ground- The very lowest level of the... uh... level. Teleporters, this is your place to shine. Go through the ceiling to make a grab for the artifact. ------------ Nerve Center ------------ Another map with a little bit of everything. Atrium- RNA spawns here, but Lineage exits here and the only way there is a staircase. If someone gets onto the deck, use Gust to blow them off to thier doom! Hangar- Lots of traffic here, where the artifact is. Artifact runners often use the ladders here. Runners, use the maintenace floor at the bottom instead. Hall- Lineage spawn. Teleporters and Gliders will get through here easily but snipers can also do well here. Two entry points, so beware. -------- Pinnacle -------- This map has more than its fair share of close quarters battle but it also has lots of halls. Sniper spots are plentiful here. Teleporters will be extra useful. Offices- RNA spawn. Lineage exits on the deck but they come into the room from the entrance, so it would be wiser to guard that instead. Teleporters will drop in quite a bit too. Middle- Artifact is right here. There are lots of places for snipers but there is also lots of cover. Teleporters can move through here easily. Communications- The same thing as the Offices, really. The control room is a good place for a Tree of Life. ---- Poco ---- This is probably the best sniper map in the game. Tons of ledges and elevations. There are tons of hallways too, so an SMG or Shotgun will work great. Apartments- Lineage spawn. Great place for sniping. Building- Where the artifact is. Rooftop there is another great sniping spot in this level. Teleporters can come from below as well, so watch out. Backyard- The exit point and it's actually kinda hard to get in. The ladder is the main source of slaughter. I recommend teleporting in and trying to clear any defense out. -------------- Temple Grounds -------------- This, too, is another great sniping map. Much more medium and long range battles than Poco. Front- Stay up as high as you can. Enemy snipers will destroy you otherwise. Take cover and assault for the Tower instead of the Temple. Tower- Great sniping spot. Climbing it makes you an easy target but since the ladder is the only way up, you should be good for a while especially if you cast Strangle at the base. Inside- This is where the most action is. Stay up high here too and pick off all the enemies that come in from the many entrances. Use the scaffolds to get out. +--------------------+ 8. Legal +--------------------+ This guide is Copyright (2007) to Invisible Assassin You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not like it to be passed off as somebody else's.</p>