Humans-humans get less tech penalty for their essence, meaning if you assign tech to LB, LT, or RB it wont use the "held" essence, so thats a good thing. Elves-elves regenerate health, which is good, considering they have the lowest health in the group, but are the fastest, running at 9.6 meters a second, so if you like speed demons, say hello to the elves. Trolls-trolls, well they are the complete opposite of elves, strongest race, most health, but the slowest, but yeah, when shot, crystals shoot out of their back, making the "death" even longers, so those SMG's will take bout 100 shots (2 clips) to take you down, and you demolish them in about 25 shots. SO ENJOY! Dwarf - The midget of the game, don't be surprised if people hate you because you're the midget and steal their essence, but good thing about dwarfs, they can resist a head shot, so if there are snipers, have no fear, you'll stay alive. dwarfs also have the biggest essence pool, 12, count it, 12 pips so thats either 3 rezs, 3 summons, or w/e the hell else you want, so have fun! ok time to break it down and help you with some "combination occupations" for each race. HUMAN: i have two occupations for the human that helps me. *All cost excludes ammo "Marksman/Scout Sniper" ok, first round buy a sniper, YES I KNOW ITS SO TOUGH, just chill and hide somewhere [inside the temple/spawn points, only on certain levels, or just anywhere you wont die would be ideal] then as you get money, buy glider/teleport, or both if you feel special, since you'll most likely be by yourself BUY A TREE, but dont put one up where you are, cuz thats just a "hey sniper over here" kind of attention grabber. oh and learn to quick cast tree of life, so you dont it wasting a slot, so it should be: sniper, tree [quick cast], teleport, and glider in slots so far. and to help, buy enhanced vision, helpful for teammates and you. hence "marksman" then assign as your left over slot, and if you do ever get into a close battle, SMG. TOTAL COST: if you choose glider w/ SMG:$9000 [if you find an SMG its 8500] and if its teleport either 8750/9250 "Rifle Skirmisher" first round, buy rifle and either a glider or tree, but you'll need both sooner or later. again, quick cast with tree, dont bother with teleport, but buy smartlink and either enhanced vision, or something special like smoke for those get-aways. but with smartlink, only activate it when need-be, even if it isnt activated, you'll still get the extra zoom if its mapped. and for an extra weapon, take a SMG cuz the rifle is pretty bad up close. TOTAL COST: $6500 [7000 with SMG] ELF: i have one i use a lot, and one that comes and goes. "Rezzing Samurai!" as you guess, an elf thats rezs and is a ninja. buy rez first round, and GO AT IT! save up to buy teleport [dont worry bout quick casting rez]. so assign how you like those two, then for the third and final one, either wired reflexes or smoke, which ever you like more, and finally your katana i usually buy my katana inbetween the teleport and the final slot. after that go around killing ppl with the katana, remember the mortal wounds and if you face a dwarf, you better have a secondary weapon thats light like a SMG [or the always underdog gun, the pistol is always useful]. TOTAL COST:$7750 "Artifact Thief" for this, if you like rezzing like me, learn to quick cast it. but buy teleport or smoke first. then buy the other next. IF YOU ARE ON RNA: buy strangle. IF YOU ARE ON LINEAGE: that third w/e you want it to be. buy a katana/SMG/rifle or w/e you want EXCEPT a minigun, sniper, rockets so anything after the katana is a no-no on this to be succesful, you wanna be at full speed, for this getting to the artifact or going to defend it, you can use wired reflexes as the third slot since you regenerate health. and yeah, thats pretty much it for now for that. TOTAL COST: RNA:$MAX-7250 LINEAGE-8250 TROLL:i got two for this that i use as trolls, and i HATE being them. "Sumo Ninja" yes, sumo cuz trolls are the biggest race, well first buy a tree. then whenever you get money, then buy wired reflexes, then teleport, then katana, quickcast with the tree, wired, teleport, and nades as your slots, you might wanna practice this with 6v6 with bots first cuz this is very difficult to do on live a lot. TOTAL COST:$7250 "heavy-duty experts" again, tree first with quick cast, then buy smartlink, then buy shotgun and minigun, and then buy whatever else you want, this is very helpful for the troll. TOTAL COST: [using the description w/o third slot] $6000 DWARF: ah the midgets, i have two to help you with them. "Be-Rezzed" yeah, buy rez, but assign it so its easier, buy glider cuz teleport with a dwarf sucks. so you have two slots filled now, buy any weapon, doesnt matter right now and if you want, buy smoke, or smartlink if you're special. TOTAL COST: [i buy katana and SMG so i added those weapons only] $7500 "Just enjoying the game" wanna survive the entire round? but kill and help your teammates? buy rez first round, then tree [quick cast], then smoke, SMG, katana, and if you get enough summon, or just use strangle. TOTAL COST: [with summon $10500, w/o it 9500] dwarfs are hard with the "combos" but these are just rough drafts of it, so if you dont like the dwarfs, use w/e you use, but the other three, they are really good if you know how to use them, hope i helped.</p>