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Celeste studio announces Earthblade, a 2D pixel art "explor-action game"

(Image credit: Extremely OK Games)

Extremely OK Games, the studio behind 2018 indie darling Celeste, has announced and shared a few details about its new game Earthblade.

In lieu of an official trailer, Extremely OK Games has revealed a teaser poster, a snippet of the game's soundtrack, and a few very vague details about Earthblade. Extremely OK Games' Maddy Thorson calls today's announcement a "vibe reveal," designed to "[establish] the world and the feeling of being in it."

Earthblade is being described as a "2D explor-action game in a seamless pixel art world." There's a "20XX" release window, so expect Earthblade to launch sometime in the next 80 years. Optimistically, Thorson says, it'll launch within five years of Celeste, so 2023, but it could take longer. "The truth is that we don't know how long it will take, just that it will take as long as it takes (and that it will take a long time)."

Likewise, it'll be sometime before we hear anything else from Extremely OK Games on Earthblade, but when we do get the full reveal, it sounds like it'll be quite the show. "When we finally do show it off, be sure to point your feet away from animals and small children, and prepare for your footwear to be blasted clean off your feet," Thorson teases.

"While making Celeste, we basically tweeted out whatever interesting-looking thing we were working on day-to-day, when we were in the mood for sharing," Thorson explains. "But an air of mystery lends itself particularly well to this project, so we've opted to save it all up for a big reveal that will hopefully blow your socks off."

Here are some more words from Thorson indicating that Earthblade is still in the conceptual phases of development and likely a long ways off from releasing.

"I am so excited about this project. I can see the whole thing in my head. Not perfectly, mind you — most of the details are still pretty blurry in my mental image, and I'm sure a lot will change along the way. But I can see the general shape of it, and I feel really good about where it's going."

In the long wait for Earthblade, play this excellent Celeste and Portal crossover game.

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