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Capcom's seven-title Super Pack marked way down for PlayStation Plus players

PlayStation Plus member? Still smarting over that Xbox-only bundle where Capcom has a bunch of previously download-only games on one disc? Honestly, it's been two days, surely you can find something new to smart over. Anyway, the 2012-model Capcom is seriously into caring about your mental wellbeing, and has accordingly decided that you should get 75% off the Capcom Super Pack.

Usually $49.95, the Super Pack – comprising Rocketmen (plus the expansion), Commando 3, Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo HD Remix, 1942: Joint Strike, Age of Booty, Flock! And Super Puzzle Fighter 2: Turbo HD Remix – is down to $12.50 for PS+ subscribers this week. The one potentially frustrating catch is that the pack's unavailable to anyone who already owns any of these games (to keep you from buying the same thing twice, see). But if you meet those requirements, $1.70 per game is a pretty nice deal...