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BioShock Infinite docu-trailer shows Songbird mystery

Another BioShock: Infinite trailer, another unsolved mystery. Part two of the faux-documentary series "Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus" regales us with legends of the floating city's cryptic guardian, the Songbird.

We get a peek at the semi-mechanical monstrosity--just long enough to know that, yeah, it's definitely going to cause us some problems. And it probably won't be very excited about Booker stealing Elizabeth (the "lamb of Columbia") away for his employers on the surface world.

We really enjoy the historical approach to these new trailers, which reminds us that BioShock: Infinite takes place in a world very much like our own, but for a few differences, like horrible mecha-gargoyles. You can see it for yourself when it comes out on March 26.

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