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70 Best iPhone games to make your commute 97% better

10. Vignettes

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $2.99 / £2.99

It’s all about perspective and discovery in this technicolor game. Vignettes presents you with an object. As you twist and turn it, that first object can morph into other items. That might sound simple, but uncovering each new surprise in Vignettes feels magical. It’s a bit of a head trip, but one well worth taking.

Download Vignettes here (US)
Download Vignettes here (UK)

9. Golf Peaks

Genre: Sports
Price: $2.99 / £2.99

Golf games have been around for quite some time, however, Golf Peaks adds their own twist into the genre. Adding a card and puzzle aspect to golfing, you must select the right cards in order to move your golf ball into the hole. This simple idea takes a lot of planning, especially as the courses get larger, contain hills, and have arrows to push you further in a specific direction. Levels become quite clever, allowing you to bounce off walls, go further than the hole to go back and think outside the direct route. There is no need to focus on the angle of your hit or how hard you hit the ball - instead it’s about selecting cards and using them in the right order - allowing you to play with one one hand. 

Download Golf Peaks here

8. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Genre: Sim
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Because no one wants to wait any longer for Animal Crossing on Switch. It doesn’t quite have the infinite joys of its handheld cousins but there’s adorable charm to be found here as you design your own campground and play host to your favourite Animal Crossing stars. Plus, there’s no real reason to invest with actual cash either as you fish, catch bugs, pick fruit, design your camper, and even water flowers to pass the time before a full game arrives.  

Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp here

7. Monument Valley 2

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

Imagine if every M.C. Escher painting (you know, the ones with the steps) was actually an interactive puzzle with moveable parts, twisting the optical illusion into various different forms. Well, that’s basically what Monument Valley 2 does. Like its predecessor, Monument Valley 2 asks you to guide a mute protagonist (and sometimes her daughter too) through each puzzle, moving each piece until pathways appear in the confusion. A beautiful story, stunning graphics, almost haunting soundtrack and brilliant puzzling combine to make this one of the most memorable iPhone game experiences. 

Download Monument Valley 2 here

6. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Genre: Simulation
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Running your own adorable pizza shop with the goal to make great pizzas is the aim. In Good Pizza, Great Pizza you are a newly opened pizza shop in a town obsessed with pizza. Your rival pizzaria comes to visit from time to time, and your goal is to have a better establishment than them. People in this town aren’t so straight forward and have their own lingo which you must start to learn to understand orders quickly. Along with creating pizza, you can purchase upgrades, decorate your place, and get to know the more interesting locals. It’s a very calm, fun, cute experience and includes pizzas!

Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza here

5. Telling Lies

(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Price: £6.99 / $6.99
Genre: Narrative

Telling Lies expands on the concept of Her Story, this time putting you in the place of a whistleblower, trying to figure out what happened when one of your agents, who went undercover. This experiment in narrative design game sees playing around with various screens on a computer, typing in words to see what videos come up. These videos can be rewind and listened to, to gather more information and figure out what is going on with the agent you sent in. They show one side of the conversation; either the agent or someone he was talking too, which forces you to search for the other side of the conversation to even understand what is happening. Once you have viewed enough videos, you can unlock one of the many endings, depending on the information that you were able to dig up. This game is mysterious, experimental, and well worth a look at, even if you’re not a huge fan of narrative adventures.

Download Telling Lies here

4. Hyper Light Drifter

(Image credit: Heart Machine)

Genre: Action
Price: £5.99 / $5.99

If you are looking for challenging action RPG’s with an interesting story and beautiful graphics, Hyper Light Drifter will tick all of the boxes for you. You play as a character with a mysterious illness, looking to fight back against it in a stunning world of strange monsters. Despite following an interesting story, Hyper Light Drifter is wordless and leaves players to figure out what is going on themselves. 

The land itself is full of forgotten knowledge and hints towards artefacts of the past. You can explore, trying to figure out exactly what you have left behind, but the disease will soon take over. You’ll need to keep it at bay and hopefully find a way to stop it from taking over your body completely. Quickly fighting against monsters while you explore, eliminating them before they take you on, Hyper Light Drifter feels nice on mobile and is a great addition to this platform.

Download Hyper Light Drifter now

3. Mini Metro

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

Mini Metro is many things. It’s a challenging puzzle game. It’s a crash course in game design minimalism. It’s really damn good. Do your best to create functional transit systems based on those in real cities around the world. Each metropolitan area poses its own challenges, but every map manages to both put players into a meditative trance and stress you the hell out at the same time.

Download Mini Metro here

2. Hidden Folks

Genre: Hidden Object
Price: $3.99 / £3.99

Hidden Folks is a kooky hidden object game, like Where’s Waldo done up in black and white. It’ll take some extra sleuthing to find the target items in each level. A monkey might be hiding in the hand-drawn foliage or a person will be napping inside that treehouse. The sound effects, all performed by game creator Adriaan de Jongh, put this interactive creation into serious hipster territory, but it’s still irresistibly charming.

Download Hidden Folks here

1. The Room: Old Sins

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $1.99 / 1.99p

The Room is a series that's consistently delivered: a devious puzzle game built around mechanisms and illusions you physically manipulate on screen. The Room: Old Sins is the first unnumbered game  (following on from The Room 1, 2 and 3) and has perhaps the strongest story so far as you delve in the mysterious power behind the series' puzzle boxes. This time the puzzle box is a creepy doll house you're able to explore as you solve numerous challenges in various room. It's beautifully paced, and with a skill curve that never fails to keep you drawn in. 

Download The Room: Old Sins here

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