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70 Best iPhone games to make your commute 97% better

30. Dish Life: The Game

Price: Free
Genre: Simulation

Dish Life is a more educational type of game with beautiful graphics and simplistic terms that basically anyone can pick up and play. Taking on the role of a postgraduate who has just recently got your own lab, you must manage yourself and assistance, reach goals, and help forward your stem cell research. Dish Life has a that you can learn, but is also just to play as you grow your lab and get better at finding what your cells need. 

Download Dish Life: The Game here

29. Figment

Genre: Puzzle
Price: Free

Following a curious and strange story, Figment has you playing around inside a nightmare filled mind! You become Dusty, a character exploring their mind in hopes of getting rid of the evils that lurk around destroying yourself over time. Along with your bird friend Piper, you get to experience challenging enemies, listen to their own rhyming theme songs and solve puzzles to fix different areas and work your way around the mind. The graphic style in Figment is very unique, taking on a playful look inside a more serious story where you discover what your fears are and what has gone on while you had been resting. I really enjoyed Figment on PC, so being able to play the game on my mobile device has been very fun, though I would recommend headphones if you want to enjoy the lovely voice acting and amazingly written tunes!

Download Figment here

28. Mario Kart Tour

Genre: Racer
Price: Free (with in-app purchases and subscription options)

Mario Kart Tour, as you’d expect, is a very polished and well-designed racing game! In the world of Mario, you have several characters to choose from, loads of tracks, and a few customization options. The best part of Mario Kart World Tour is the way that the races happen, giving you groups of four levels to take on containing three races and one challenge. Challenges aren’t like races - they have you exploding enemies, trying to gather coins in the air or trying to get a boost before the race starts. These challenges add a breath of fresh air when playing and break up the monotony of a racing game. 

Download Mario Kart Tour here

27. Love You to Bits

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $3.99 / £3.99

Don’t you just love it when a game takes its name totally literally? Love You to Bits sees you play as a young astronaut whose robot girlfriend gets blown to pieces before his eyes in a crash. Her various parts - from head to feet and everything in between - get scattered across the galaxy in precarious positions, and you’ve got to go retrieve them in order to put her back together again. It’s a futuristic Humpty Dumpty love story all wrapped up in a brilliantly whimsical puzzle game full of strange critters, kooky planets and even the odd robot disco. 

Download Love You to Bits here

26. Little Misfortune

(Image credit: Kill Monday)

Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure
Price: $6.99 / £6.99

Little Misfortune is one of those point-and-click adventure games where you must click with the story to really love the game. If you like being slightly creeped out in a world of curiosities and adventure, this is an adventure for you to take on. The controls do feel good, the audio is wonderful, and the game doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchases beyond the base price. I feel this price is very, very reasonable for the amount of story and content within the game itself. 

Download Little Misfortune here

25. Knighthood

Price: Free (in-app purchases)
Genre: Role-playing

Playing as a wannabe knight, you must go on quests with your other heros, battling strange monsters who seem to come in groups. When you start a battle, you can pick some heroes to stand behind you, which you can control once you have done a set amount of damage - otherwise you are on your own as your main character. This is an interesting set up and does a great job of having a lot going on and a lot of thinking to be done to manage these characters. When it comes to the game itself, coming from King, it’s graphically quite beautiful and very cinematic - adding to the feel of this complex mobile game.

Download Knighthood here

24. Rebel Racing

(Image credit: Hutch Games)

Genre: Racing
Price: Free

Rebel Racing is the most polished, realistic racing game we've seen on iPhone to date. There are plenty of levels to race through, and the customisation options are plentiful, from purchasing new tires to using arguments to become a better racer. Sometimes pulling off the perfect drift on a mobile racing game is tricky, but with Rebel Racing you can actually drift and look really good doing it. With such smooth controls, a large number of different ways to upgrade your car and so much to offer, it's hard to fault Rebel Racing. Developer Hutch clearly put a lot of thought and work into the game, and it’s really paid off.

Download Rebel Racing here

23. Pokemon Go

Genre: Augmented reality
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Few things have broken the Internet to the degree that Pokemon Go did. Piles of tweets, hilarious photos, and many truly bizarre tales of obsessive collection make this more than just a mobile game. It’s a cultural phenomenon. The basic idea is that you walk around your neighborhood - or the country, or the world - with your phone, using augmented reality (and a lot of mobile data) to find the pokemon hidden on the streets. Then you catch them with nothing other than pokeballs! The smash sensation is awash with updates now, so it’s the perfect time to get back to catching ‘em all.

Download Pokemon GO here

22. Alto's Odyssey 

Genre: Endless runner
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

Sometimes you don't need a full sequel, you just want to continue the experience. That's something Alto's Odyssey does perfectly, developing its soothing endless runner snowboarding challenge into something that widens and open up, rather than adds loads of new features. There's a desert location this time for more colour and a new wall riding ability to change how you move through the procedurally generated world. 

Download Alto’s Odyssey here

21. Dream Detective

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Genre: Puzzle

Cute and intricate worlds full of loads of small animations and wonder really do catch my eye. When it comes to Dream Detective has taken the Where’s Waldo concept and created a large number of different themes, environments, and different gameplay worlds to be explored, all on your phone. Some of the levels contain timers, while others have you interacting for as long as you want, choosing when you are done or if you want to keep looking. There are many little characters to interact with in Dream Detective, and so many styles, it is just a lovely game.

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