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50 Best iPhone games to make your commute 97% better

50. Apollo: A Dream Odyssey

Genre: Adventure
Price: $1.99 / £1.99

Apollo: A Dream Odyssey sees you playing Apollo, a young girl who is looking to find her memory. Through very little explanation, you need to take each world and solve exactly what to do. These little puzzles tend to have glowing orbs that need to be collected, colored base puzzles, or music puzzles for you to solve. Apollo: A Dream Odyssey is short, but the story itself is lovely and the puzzles, once you do get the hang of them, are fun to solve. The controls take some time to get use too, but if you enjoy little puzzle adventure games, this is a cute one for you to enjoy. 

Download Apollo: A Dream Odyssey here

49. Rest in Pieces 

Genre: Endless Runner
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Swinging a porcelain doll around various rocks and hazards, making your way closer and closer to your fear is what’s in store for you in Rest in Pieces. Unlike traditional endless runners, instead of running you are swinging your character left and right, hoping to avoid shattering on any of the rocks, ruins, or fears that the specific doll has. The various characters within the game all have different fears; Georgina hates clowns, Jack the parrot fears the Kraken, and Father Lugosi is petrified of COunt Dracula. Despite shattering at a single hit, if you make it to checkpoints you can fight back, slowly destroying your fears.

Download Rest in Pieces here

48. Magnibox

Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Price: $3.99 / £3.99

Magnibox is a puzzle platformer that uses a very unique mechanic of being a square magnet to your advantage. Being a magnet means that one side of your box is magnetic - you can push away from other boxes or pull towards them, changing up your movement! Each single screen level has you making your way to an exit, needing to move boxes and use them to get there. Conveyor belts, blocks that auto-push you up and dangerous fire pits - this game has it all. Magnibox also includes a lot of levels, great music, and a very clever concept for you to enjoy.

Download Magnibox here

47. Blue

Genre: Puzzle
Price: Free

Blue is a variety of different puzzles, all in the same minimalistic look without much instructions. Taking on level after level, you must use your wits to figure out what needs solving. Each puzzle is a single screen experience, showing the barrier of the puzzle and inviting you to figure out what you need to do. With a total of 50 levels, you will see some concepts within the game repeat themselves, with a new twist added in. Screens you’ve seen before have a new twist to challenge you once again. In Blue, you do have a limited number of hints that you can use, which range from telling you what to do to giving you a vague hint that may just be enough to make things click. It’s a very satisfying puzzle game to play, in its simplicity and way of making you feel like a genius when you solve a puzzle. 

Download Blue here

46. Un Pas Fragile

Genre: Adventure
Price: $1.99 / £1.99

Un Pas Fragile takes you through the story of Camille, a young frog who is currently trying to become a ballet dancer. Camille has a lot of struggles in her life, but you can help guide her through them. Bullies and her family life are ever present in her life and it will be up to you to help her through various moments in her life. You will also be able to help her along with her ballet lessons, which will in turn make her more confident and able to take a few different scenes on for herself. It’s a very lovely, heartwarming, and cute looking story, despite its hardships and battles to work through. 

Download Un Pas Fragile here

45. Traitor's Empire

Genre: Turn based
Price: Free (win in-app purchases) 

An turn-based RPG card game is a list of genres you don’t often see together. Playing as a prisoner who has just broken free, you can end up building a team of heroes who just want to save the world they are in. Traitors Empire is full of story, as you set your deck and start taking on various enemies within the world.

You are able to move your character around the field and fight in combat, then use cards to strengthen your attacks, add abilities to your turns, and attack from greater distances. The cards in your hand become a massive part of your game, as you’ll need to use them wisely and set your deck in a way that leads to victory. There is also loot to be taken, heroes to level up, and weapon cards to assign. It’s up to you and your team to take back the world.

Download Traitors Empire here

44. BunnyBuns

Genre: Casual
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

BunnyBuns is a super cute bakery game has you creating sweet treats for various customers. Using different ingredients and shapes, you’ll need to find the right combinations to fulfil orders. Orders are given based on a clue, which you must then use to figure out the exact correct item to make. Once you have made that treat, giving it to the customer will increase their friendship level. Increased friendship gives you small bits of story through puzzle pieces about the character and sometimes an item that they love. When your bunny gets tired, however, they will need to sleep. Sleeping gives you a break from the game, but it can be speed up by watching a game or paying some in-game currency. There is a lot of wonder and an adorable nature when it comes to BunnyBuns, making it a game worth playing.

Download BunnyBuns here

43. Mucho Taco

Genre: Idle
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Ever want to own your own taco stand? In Mucho Taco, all of the worries around running your own business are turned into colorful screens that can be tapped away. You basically are just tapping tacos to earn money! As you tap, pinatas appear to be smashed, offers to watch adds for more coins appear and your customers eat happily. You’ll also need to open up your stores, which give you money while you are away, and complete quests to unlock special ingredients for your store. Your stores sometimes drop bonus tacos and can be upgraded themselves. Over time, you can upgrade your tacos and make more money. Everything is tacos - and that’s not a bad thing at all. 

Download Mucho Taco here

42. Crazy Platez

Genre: Driving game
Price: $0.99 / £0.99

A game themed to a town in upstate NY, Crazy Platez takes inspiration from GTA and Crazy Taxi to create a pretty wild and fun delivery game. The food that you’re delivering is a local delicacy called a garbage plate - which adds to the humor in this game. The town you move around within is inspired by Rochester, with a layout similar to the physical town as well. With a limited tank of gas, you need to quickly pick up plates from random buildings with it, then deliver them to whoever ordered it. You’ll gain more gas which then lets you survive longer. The only issue is the grid-like town forces you into buildings from time to time - and you do have quite the rebound off of them, making it challenging to turn around. 

Download Crazy Platez here

41. Severed

Genre: RPG adventure
Price: £6.99 / $6.99

Severed is weird game to explain, but one that makes perfect sense when it clicks. You explore a strangely fantastical world in first person, battling monsters as you go. Combat works by slashing and slicing at the screen to damage monsters, or block their attacks, and, eventually, you can slice of parts off to upgrade your abilities (hence the name!). There’s a Mertroidvania feel to progression: you explore and backtrack, building up the abilities you need to reach different areas which combines with puzzles, the fighting, and an unusual art style to make a very different and enjoyable experience. 

Download Severed here