Best iPhone games to make your commute 97% better

The App Store is ever growing, and it's a platform that will have you playing number matching things like Threes one minute, and Fortnite or GTA the next. What you play is up to you but it means if you pick the best iPhone games you have a console in your pocket at all times, and plenty to play. So take a look at what's on offer here because chances are your new favourite game is a tap away.

Each month we review a brand new title in the hopes that it will be added to our best iPhone games list. Sometimes they'll make the cut, other times they won't, but all the games we review will definitely be worth checking out, we can promise you that. For the full list of all 30 best iPhone games, turn to the next page...

iPhone game of the month: Blue

Bart Bonte creates puzzle games that follow their own beat, not trying to match anything else within the app store. Each of them come with a simple name, mirroring the minimalist look that they contain: Yellow, Black, Red, and now, Blue.  Blue has fifty levels for each player to explore, each one being a single screen puzzle with no instructions where you must figure out exactly what you need to do.

Blue does not contain any sort of story and just provides the experience of a bunch of puzzle games, each introduced exactly as they are; single screen experiences that are challenging you to solve them. There is no fuss, no story, and no big long descriptions to read, which does appeal to those who want a puzzle game in its simplest form without any of that fluff or filler.

You must figure out exactly  what you need to do through thinking cleverly or trial and error, if you don’t understand the level itself. If you struggle too much, you can easily watch an ad or pay a small price to gain a hint for that level, that comes in the form of text at the top of the screen. Some of these hints plainly tell you how to solve the level, while others are just hints to push you in the right direction.  

(Image credit: Bart Bonte)

Many of the puzzles are inspired or incorporate the level number, showing you exactly what level you are on before you start playing it. Apart from the puzzle itself, there is only a little hint button on the screen and a small arrow that allows you to exit the screen. There’s nothing else to distract you from the task at hand.

All of the puzzles within Blue are so unique, though some do mimic previous ones you may have played, with a new added twist. One level early on, for example, has you looping a number (the level number) onto a hook at the top of the screen, which seems to pull down a blind making the screen blue. Many levels later, you are brought back to this same concept, but with two numbers - and only one is able to be hooked. These little enhancement on previous levels add a new moment of thinking, as you are presented with something you feel like you know but need new information to figure out this time.

(Image credit: Bart Bonte)

Other levels have you creating abstract versions of the games name or just lighting up different shapes so they are complete blue. There are a bunch of levels with fish-looking icons that need to be pushed around, only moving in the direction their mouth is open to. The variety within Blue is very nice, especially as the game itself is so focused on just these puzzles. You’ll end up really getting into the flow of the levels, just to find one that completely stumps you because it’s so far from the other ones you have already played. 

Going through all of these puzzles, while using occasional hints along the way, my biggest issue with Blue is just the size of my phone. This may sound kind of strange, however, my fingers sometimes were too big to properly move different aspects of the puzzle causing a fair bit of misclicks. I was playing on my iPhone and feel some puzzles, like moving the pipes, may have fared better on a tablet. All of the puzzles can be solved with one hand, meaning that Blue can be played on the go and by those who don’t want to use two hands to play their games.


Blue is a puzzle game with a simple name and a lot of complex and well thought out puzzles. It’s more of what Bart does best, these easy looking puzzles that are always more than meets the eye. Though these levels are all fun to play, there isn’t any sort of story hooking them together, it's more of a game you’d just play because you purely want puzzles, not that there's anything wrong with that. If you’re looking for a bunch of different and challenging ways to spend your time, Blue has fifty levels to explore through, but you may want to use a tablet if you have big fingers!

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

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