Barbershop 2: Back In Business review

Business As Usual would've been a better subtitle for this follow-up to the 2002 sleeper hit set in a barber's, as Ice Cube and every one of his cuttin' crew return to swap more zingy banter while the soapy subplots froth up. And once again the shop's future is in jeopardy, this time from some across-the-street corporate competition. Nothing wrong with trading on a winning formula - however, the laughs are spread thinner this time. Though the original's best asset, Cedric The Entertainer's glorious gobshite, gets more floorspace, his Jesse Jackson-riling schtick's on a tighter leash. As for new addition Queen Latifah, her here-and-there appearance adds up to little more than a dry run for upcoming spin-off Beauty Shop.

Nonetheless, it's still a pleasure to hang with Cube and the gang, their chemistry fizzy enough to keep you smiling throughout this sequel. Even if it does play like a lazy-but-likeable triple episode of a well-groomed sitcom.

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