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The South Park: Stick of Truth devs have wanted to make an Archer game for years

The idea is just for fun for now, but what fun it would be: Obsidian Entertainment, developers of South Park: The Stick of Truth (opens in new tab), have been tossing around ideas for a game based on FX's Archer animated series for years.

Stick of Truth was acclaimed for its true-to-the-show humor and visual aesthetic as well as its accessible RPG mechanics. That experience would come in handy bringing the dangerous, ill-informed, and frequently lewd exploits of Sterling Archer and company to video games. And if you think back to Alpha Protocol, the spy-fiction action RPG that Obsidian shipped in 2010 to a mixed reception but continued cult appeal, the potential really becomes apparent.

"I don't think people really thought about it, or at least not seriously, until after Alpha Protocol shipped," Obsidian project director Josh Sawyer told GR+ sister site PC Gamer. "But it has come up actually several times of people saying, 'yeah, that would be a good fit. Archer Protocol!'"

Just think about it: you could leave a half-eaten doughnut on your desk and get reprimanded for causing an ant infestation chapters later. You could inflict the "mawp mawp mawp" status ailment on your party members when you shoot a gun too close to their unprotected ears. You could get robot legs.

"Alpha Protocol has a very realistic look to it, but it's also kind of silly and comical in a lot of ways," Sawyer added. "Obviously Archer is a great fit for that sort of stuff."

It would take quite a bit more than passion on Obsidian's part to make this project happen, obviously. But if any Fox executives are reading this article right now, I would definitely buy a copy of that game. Heck, I'd even pre-order the Season Pass. How about you?

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