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Amazing PS4 Pro bundle: for £299 you get console, Fortnite Neo Versa, Spider-Man, 12 months PS Plus, and more!

Amazing PS4 Pro bundle: for £299 you get console, Fortnite Neo Versa, Spider-Man, 12 months PS Plus, and more!
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UK retailer has broken cover on its Black Friday game deals proper and have released a whole bunch with some excellent cheap PS4 Pro deals being the current highlights. And one stands out in particular as being great value for money if we're reading every detail of it correctly - and we think we are. Right now you can get a PS4 Pro 1TB console in Fortnite Neo Versa bundle form plus the following: the Spider-Man PS4 game; an extra DualShock 4 controller; a 12-month subscription to PS Plus; a Turtle Beach headset; and a two-month NOWTV Entertainment Pass. All this comes in at just £299.99

Considering a PS4 Pro console with A.N. Other game is going for about £299 on its own right now this is insanely good value: a DualShock 4 is about 45 quid right now soyou get that for free; 12-months of PS Plus is currently down to £37.49 so that's free too; and a Turtle Beach headset will set you back a bare minimum of £25. That's around 100 quid of stuff for free whichever way you cut it. It's a seriously tremendous offer.

Keeping things simpler, elsewhere in the PS4 Black Friday deals from you can get the premium console with your pick of a selection of the latest and greatest games: there's a Death Stranding bundle going for £299 (with that NOWTV entertainment pass); and there's a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) bundle going for £299.99 too. And if you fancy something special, they have the exclusive rights to the Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro console and that's down to £329.99 right now.

PS4 Pro Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bundle (1TB console + game) | just £299.99 at
A solid offering on a PS4 Pro deal: this might be the price of most bundles so getting the latest CoD blockbuster thrown in for free is good value and a great accompaniment to the premium console.
View Deal

PS4 Pro Death Stranding Limited Edition (1TB console + game) | just £329.99 at
Be the envy of (some) other PS4 owners with the limited edition design of the console to celebrate Kojima's latest game. (There is a 'normal' PS4 Pro bundle with the game also going at just £299.)View Deal

These are just some of the early console deals appearing in the UK. will be releasing more over the sales period and if there are any other bangers we will swoop them up and present them to you as quickly and effectively as we can.

Remember to keep your TV in mind this Black Friday too by aiming high and scouring our guide to the best Black Friday TV deals on offer this year.

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