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"All the stats really matter" - Assassin's Central breaks down Origins' loot with game director Ashraf Ismail

Assassin's Creed Origins has plenty of new tricks up its hidden bladed sleeve. Our new stealthy hero, Bayek, isn't even an Assassin as he starts exploring Ancient Egypt in 49BCE, but as the country births a new era as the line of Pharoahs dies out, the Assassin Brotherhood too is born. While there are still spiky gauntlets and synch points to clamber to, Origins is a brand new kind of Creed, complete with quests, completely fresh combat, and yes, copious amounts of loot.  It's time to get seriously obsessed with numbers, rarity and where you'll find blacksmiths on the map for upgrades.

"All the stats really matter," explains game director Ashraf Ismail to Assassin's Central. "Speed, distance, the damage you do, rate of fire, these kind of things all really impact combat." Check out the full video above to see the different kinds and grades of weaponry on offer, the types of attributes to make you even more deadly, and Ismail's advice for starting out in Ancient Egypt. You don't want to miss this. And don't worry, with only a matter of weeks until launch on October 27, you'll be walking in Memphis in no time.  

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