Alice Et Martin review

This intense French psychological drama charts the troubled love affair between violinist Alice (Binoche) and male model Martin (Loret). They meet in Paris courtesy of struggling actor Benjamin (Amalric). However, the new couple's happiness is soon threatened by a terrible secret from Martin's recent past. When Alice falls pregnant, his mental state continues to deteriorate...

Alice Et Martin represents a return to familiar terrain for writer-director André Téchiné. Once again, the film-maker focuses on extremes of behaviour and provides a non-sensationalist treatment of homosexuality. There's plenty of bile here in the depiction of `normal' family life, although there's also compassion for those struggling to cope with its after-effects.

Directed with a verve that eludes the majority of British film-makers, Alice Et Martin also contains admirable performances from Amalric and the ever-compelling Binoche.

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