9 Dead Gay Guys review

Catchy soundtrack, incessant voiceover, 'amusingly' monickered characters, lairy scamsters and a shedload of technical gimmickry. Yet another Brit flick from a Guy Ritchie wannabe? Well, yes and no. 9 Dead Gay Guys may be deeply indebted, but it's unfair to tag it a gay Lock, Stock. No, Lab Ky Mo's debut fails on its own de-merits.

Two Irish lads are trying to get their paws on a legendary stash belonging to gay orthodox Jew Golders Green (Simon Godley). Trouble is, Kenny (Glenn Mulhern) and Byron (Brendan Mackey) aren't the only ones looking for it. There's also a fat lesbian, a trio of well-hung African boys and a dwarf.

Steven Berkoff and Michael Praed's grand camping aside, this is a movie built on patchy performances and a clunky script. In fact, it's one shaggy dog story that would have been better off clipped into a short - do we really need flashbacks to explain the bleedin' obvious?


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