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50 Most Outrageous Teen Comedies

House Party (1990)

The Teen Comedy: Hip hop duo Kid 'n' Play star as two teens who decide to throw, yep, a house party - except Kid's been grounded by his pops, meaning he has to sneak out.

Meanwhile, a trio of bullies decide that Kid 'n' Play need to be taught a lesson…

Most Outrageous Moment: Kid gets a belt-whipping from his pop. No, really, how horrible is that?

Does It Feature Nudity? Nope, nada. Sorry.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

The Teen Comedy: Sean Penn stars as Jeff Spicoli, a stoned California surfer whose life is made a misery by Mr Hand (Ray Walston).

Meanwhile, Stacy Hamilton (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Mark Ratner (Brian Backer) are on the hunt for love…

Most Outrageous Moment:
Damone (Robert Romanus) suffers from an embarrassing case of premature ejaculation…

Does It Feature Nudity? Only that iconic, unforgettable scene of Phoebe 'Red Bikini' Cates by a pool!

21 Jump Street (2012)

The Teen Comedy: Newly-qualified cops Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) are allocated to the '21 Jump Street' division and find themselves sent back to high school in order to root out baby-faced drug dealers.

Most Outrageous Moment:
Morton and Greg are forced to take drug HFS (which, naturally, stands for Holy Fucking Shit) to prove they're trustworthy, and start tripping.

Like, seriously tripping. Like, ice-cream-cone head tripping.

Does It Feature Nudity? If you want naked Tatum, you should probably shove Magic Mike in the DVD player instead.

Dazed & Confused (1993)

The Teen Comedy: On the last day of school in May 1976, freshmen are getting put through the wringer and just about everybody else is on the lookout for drugs, sex and booze. Just a typical end of school year, then…

Most Outrageous Moment:
Freshman girls are battered with ketchup, mustard and eggs, then forced to propose to male students. Oh, the humiliation…

Does It Feature Nudity? Nope - though these kids talk about sex A LOT.

Private Resort (1985)

The Teen Comedy: Teenagers Jack (a young Johnny Depp) and Ben (Rob Morrow) attempt to nab a little personal time with the ladies while weekending at a Miami resort.

Meanwhile (and quite bizarrely), there's a jewel thief in town…

Most Outrageous Moment: The buffet-bar shoot-out. Just weird…

Does It Feature Nudity? Depp gets his bum out and there are more boobs than you can swing a cat at (or something). Now that's equal rights for you.

Private School (1983)

The Teen Comedy : Christine (Phoebe Cates) is in love with Jim (Matthew Modine). The only problem is that they're at different same-sex schools, which makes hooking up a little bit difficult.

Most Outrageous Moment:
Betsy Russell rides a horse topless. Yes, topless.

Does It Feature Nudity? Of course. There's Russell's topless canter, plus Cates does the teasing thing by wearing a see-through nighty.

Bring It On (2000)

The Teen Comedy: Directors Peyton Reed and Jim Rowley lift the lid on the savage world of cheerleaders, where high school cheerleading captain Tori (Kirsten Dunst) attempts to take her team to the top with a little help from a Buffy -fresh Eliza Dushku.

Most Outrageous Moment: It's all about the cheeky cheer-speak ("You were having cheer-sex with him!"). Also, there's that horrible bit where something went wrong and a young cheerleader's got a really bloody mouth.

Does It Feature Nudity? There are pom-poms aplenty! No, really, we're not being metaphorical. There are pom-poms everywhere, and not a single boob.

The Wild Life (1984)

The Teen Comedy: Ropey comedy starring Chris Penn. He's Tom, a high school wrestler who goes out on a bender to a strip bar with his buddies…

Most Outrageous Moment: Any of the raucous strip club scenes.

Does It Feature Nudity? We've never heard of a strip club that doesn't feature nudity…

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (1991)

The Teen Comedy: Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate) is left to look after her siblings when mom goes off to Australia for a month-long holiday (er, OK!) and the babysitter promptly dies. Can Sue Ellen (wo)man up and find a way to pay the bills?

Most Outrageous Moment: Well, there's a lot of pot-smoking going on (and stoner Kenny's bedroom is pretty flippin' shocking). The fashion's pretty outrageous, too (have you SEEN those shoulder pads).

Most shocking of all, though, is the treatment of the crotchety old babysitter, who's bundled into a box and dropped off at the morgue. Where's the dignity?

Does It Feature Nudity?
Just that topless poster of Samantha Fox, with her nipples cleverly shielded from view.

The First Turn-On (1983)

The Teen Comedy: A group of summer campers and their counsellor share the stories of their scandalous sexcapades when they're trapped in a cave. Yep, that's the entire plot.

Most Outrageous Moment: If you're looking for laughs, look no further than this film's orgy scene. Pure, unbridled madness.

Does It Feature Nudity? Of course, though none of it's particularly noteworthy - apart from Penthouse model Sheila Kennedy.