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50 Most Disgusting Movie Moments

Withnail and I (1987)

The Moment: Marwood finds himself in the grip of an existential crisis in the middle of a grotty London café.

Look Away When: A grizzled old battleaxe takes a bite into a fried egg sandwich, sending a gout of glistening yoke flying out of one end. Not what you want on a hangover…

Braindead (1992)

The Moment: Peter Jackson cranks the gore-o-meter up to eleven with the climactic lawnmower scene. “Party’s over”…

Look Away When: Head in a blender. No question…

Black Swan (2010)

The Moment: As Nina’s breakdown begins in earnest, she starts a gradual process of self-mutilation. Starting with her fingers…

Look Away When: The scene in which she tears a loose strip of skin all the way down her finger is a real test of an audience’s metal!

Bridesmaids (2011)

The Moment: After a meal at a shady-looking Brazilian restaurant, the girls head to a pristine bridal store to try on some dresses. Sadly, their lunch starts to repeat on them…

Look Away When: The operatic bathroom sequence is pretty bad, but probably the most stomach-churning part is a profusely-sweating Kristen Wiig attempting to choke down a candied almond!

Stand By Me (1986)

The Moment: Gordy tells the other boys the story of Lardass and the pie-eating contest. It gets a bit messy toward the end…

Look Away When: Lardass kicks off an almighty vomit-fest amongst the gathered spectators. Bleurgh!

Happiness (1998)

The Moment: Having just shot his bolt over yet another mucky phone call, Phillip Seymour Hoffman ponders what to do with the results…

Look Away When: He opts to use his seed to stick some postcards to the wall. What’s wrong with Blu-tak?

American History X (1998)

The Moment: Derek Vinyard catches a youth attempting to steal his car, holds him at gunpoint and orders him to bite the curb…

Look Away When: Looking away isn’t enough – you need to cover your ears as well! The noise made by Vinyard’s boot still haunts us to this day.

Meet the Feebles (1989)

The Moment: An oversized bluebottle heads to a recently used lavatory for a quick meal in Peter Jackson’s grotesque Muppet Show parody.

Look Away When: The fly is as happy as the proverbial saying would have you believe, smearing itself in the still steaming excrement.

Trainspotting (1996) #1

The Moment: Spud grapples with his girlfriend’s mother over his filthy sheets, the two of them tussling with disastrous results…

Look Away When: An industrial quantity of shit deposits itself over the breakfast table, coating the family in the process. Awkward…

Scanners (1981)

The Moment: A ConSec Scanner’s head goes boom in the most spectacular way imaginable. Part disgusting, part awesome.

Look Away When: As soon as he starts shaking… that’s the telltale sign that spontaneous combustion is on the way!

George Wales
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