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4 amazing female movie moments you’ll want to relive again and again

Hollywood may traditionally be a man’s world, but the last few years have proved that women are definitely leading the box office. From superhero hit Wonder Woman to space-tastic Gravity, strong women are taking centre stage like never before and it’s not just female-led films which have found success. Both Mad Max: Fury Road and Suicide Squad starred standout women who stole the show from their male counterparts and are packed with amazing female moments. Whether it’s Harley Quinn kicking ass or Wonder Woman saving the day, here are four female movie moments you’ll want to relive again and again.

1. Wonder Woman travels across No Man’s Land - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has too many amazing female moments to count, but there’s one scene in particular which stands out. Diana is travelling to the front with Steve Rodgers and their group when they stumble into an Allied trench mid-battle. Desperate to stop the fighting, Wonder Woman doesn’t realise that going into No Man’s Land is tantamount to suicide and climbs up a lander and strides across the dangerous wasteland deflecting bullets and dodging explosions. The men watch this incredible act of bravery and are inspired to follow her and win the day. 

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2. Imperator Furiosa takes aim - Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road might sound like it’s a film all about a man, but we all know Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa is the real star. One of her best moments comes when Max, Furiosa, and the wives are stuck in the desert mid-chase and Immortan Joe and his minions are closing in on them. Max whips out his gun to take the War Boys out, but before he shoots he changes his mind and hands the gun to Furiosa, offering his shoulder as support so she can take aim. Why? Because she’s a better shot and he knows it. Keeping perfectly calm, she takes out the pursuing baddies with little trouble. Now that’s how you get it done.

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3. Ryan Stone finally comes home - Gravity

Sandra Bullock is known for playing impressive female characters, and her role in Gravity is no different. When medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone finds herself lost in space, with the rest of her crew dead, and facing seemingly impossible odds of survival, she doesn’t give up and instead uses her intelligence and strong will to eventually find her way home. The scene in which she breaks out of her capsule and finally steps back on Earth is a female film moment you’ll never get tired of watching.

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4. Harley Quinn rides the elevator alone - Suicide Squad

There might be seven other members in the Suicide Squad, but we all know Harley Quinn is the best baddie turned ‘good’. As if we didn’t love her ‘Who the hell cares?’ attitude enough, one of her best moments comes when she abandons her teammates to the take the elevator up a building and ends up getting attacked by a couple of the Enchantress’ minions. She wastes no time taking them out in the enclosed space and even has time to fix her hair before the doors open and her fellow villains realise she doesn’t need saving. Bad ass. 

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