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37 covers (and counting) for the new Marvel series Eternals' first issue

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics looks to be putting a big push behind its just-announced new Eternals comic book series, coming out ahead of the 2021 film.

How big?

Well, 37 covers (and counting). 

Eternals #1's primary cover by Esad Ribic (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In the just-released solicitations for Marvel's November 2020 comic book releases, the publisher has 37 variant covers, which includes a re-used 'hidden gem' variant by the late Jack Kirby (the Eternals' creator), as well as a 'Kirby Crackle' variant - which appears to be some kind of blank variant with the familiar orbs of power that Kirby was so prone to drawing.

While 37 covers for a single issue isn't unprecedented, it's relatively rare. And that's still leaving it open for Marvel to negotiate retailer-exclusive variants which would add to the total.

The artists with announced variants are Alex Ross, Peach Momoko, Alan Davis, Art Adams, Mahmud Asrar, Jen Bartel, Bosslogic, Russell Dauterman, Dave Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Mike Del Mundo, Jenny Frison, Rian Gonzales, Inhyuk Lee, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Quesada, Khary Randolph, Esad Ribic, Humberto Ramos, Walt Simonson, Ron Lim, Otto Schmidt, Superlog, Todd Nauck, Greg Land, Takashi Okazaki, Dan Panosian, Skottie Young, Leinil Francis Yu, and Frank Cho.

In addition to the 'hidden gem' variant by Kirby, there are additional ones from John Romita Jr. and Brian Pelletier.

So far Marvel has revealed seven of the variants:

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"I said if I was ever to do a book again at Marvel, it would have to be something I've never done before. This is exactly that," GIllen said with the book's announcement Thursday.

Marvel has launched Eternals titles before, but never ahead of a major motion picture starring Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and more. In a way, it appears similar to 2013's Guardians of the Galaxy comic book relaunch with Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven at the helm.

"Essentially 'Eternal' has to mean 'never going out of style' which means we're aiming for 'Instant classic,'" Gillen continued. "Also - fight scenes, horror, human drama, emotions, explosions. Comics!"

Eternals #1 goes on sale November 11.

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