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31 of the scariest Halloween Minecraft mods


Its the season for a good scare. The skies are getting darker, the streets are getting colder, so its time to bring that chill to Minecraft with this collection of twisted downloads. Some of these mods retexture the game to give it adarker, more menacing atmosphere, others are self-contained adventure maps full of jump scares set in sinister locations. There are even mods that let you build portals to dimensions full of hideous new monsters to fight and weird new ores to mine. Others, like the brilliant Lycanite collection, fill your world with beautiful and deadly creatures.

All of these mods are designed to make Minecraft a spookier place to explore. There are some delectable haunted house scenarios, of course, but some of the best mods on the list offer a more subtle brand of horror. If you dare, you can step into the shoes of a witch and broker deals with demons in Witchery. Alternatively, craft a wand and learn the esoteric arts of magic in Thaumcraft. The subtle occult overtones and corrupting effects of magic make for a surprisingly scary experience. One things for sure, once youve encountered dark magic, Minecraft will never be the same again.

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Slenderman is perhaps the scariest videogame villain ever invented. The spindly, sharp-suited nightmare attacks from behind, but stands completely still if you look at him, creating some horrifying stand-offs. The mod adds Slenderman as a mob, but theres also a save file that you can use to replay a scenario based on the original Slender game.

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Weeping Angels

These freakish stone statues behave a lot like Slenderman, but are great if you want to add a dose of Doctor Who to your Minecraft world. The weeping angels dont seem to kill you right away. Instead they prefer to stalk you through the world extinguishing lights, which is actually worse.

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Resident Evil

The adorable Wesker skin makes this worth an instant download, but theres so much more to enjoy, especially if youre a fan of Capcoms Resident Evil games. Expect creepy versions of the licker, zombie dogs and boss enemies like the relentless Nemesis. If you take a hit you can craft herbs to heal up in authentic Resident Evil style.

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Mutant Creatures

This mod gives your favourite Minecraft mobs a scary twist. Zombies, pigs, skellies and creepers all get new attacks, but the Enderman is the star of the show. His mutant variation can throw blocks and even clone itself. Luckily Mutant Creatures gives you a way to fight back, in the form of the mysterious Chemical X. Throw it at enemies to bring them on-side.

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You cant miss this towering, toothy beast. The mod adds instances of John to your Minecraft world. Hes big, tough, and enthusiastically chases you if youre unlucky enough to get too close. If youre clever enough to kill him, however, hell drop an immortality gem that lets you craft the immortal blade.

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Jolicraft SpookyHalloween texture pack

The most authentic Halloween texture pack out there, Jolicrafts skins evoke the earthy orange tones of a pre-carved pumpkin. A creepy orange moon, orange wheat fields and grim stone textures create a much scarier atmosphere than their typical texture packs, which are normally dedicated to making Minecraft a cheerier place.

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The Orphanage

Your car has broken down and the only shelter you can find is a huge abandoned orphanage. Its not one of those nice orphanages that looks after children, its one of the creepy abandoned ones full of terrifying noises and murals painted in blood. You might want to just stay in the car.

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The Monastery

You will not see the light again. Thats the reassuring opening message of The Monastery, a scary and incredibly dark adventure map that has you exploring the bowels of some abandoned catacombs. The Silent Hill texture pack gives this map its gritty, creepy tone.

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You know things are about to get bad when all of the lights go out in your building and you have to venture into the basement to fix the fusebox. Worse, youve just watched a news report asking residents to stay indoors because of a mysterious event. Brace yourself for some serious jump scares.

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