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30 Films Where Everyone Dies At The End

The Ruins

The Movie: A group of American teens on holiday in Mexico offer to help a stranger hunt for his missing friend. Their quest leads them to an ancient Mayan ruin, in which they can hear the distant ringing of a cell phone...

How Everyone Dies: Dimitri is shot in the face, Mathias breaks his back, has his legs amputated then is suffocated by flesh-eating vines, Eric is stabbed in the heart, Stacy is stabbed in the heart, Jeff is killed by a fleet of arrows and Amy succumbs to the vines as she drives away.

If They'd Survived: They’d permeate every inch of the ruins with industrial strength Weedol to wipe out all traces of the flesh-hungry vines.

28 Weeks Later

The Movie: 28 weeks after the initial Rage virus outbreak (as seen in 28 Days Later), a group of survivors carry on with their lives under US military protection in a guarded sector of London. One woman survivor in a unique situation threatens all of their lives, as their shelter becomes their trap...

How Everyone Dies: Everyone is attacked and killed by The Infected.

If They'd Survived: The military would reconsider their security measures to ensure potentially-lethal survivors aren’t allowed conjugal visits with their guilt-ridden spouses.


The Movie: Newlyweds Justine and Michael, arrive late at their family’s estate for their reception, igniting a series of personal events Justine and her sister Claire try to overcome. Including that pesky planet in the sky which keeps threatening to smash into Earth...

How Everyone Dies: Claire’s husband John commits suicide with his horses to avoid the impact, before the rogue planet Melancholia collides with Earth killing everyone on the planet.

If They'd Survived: Justine would use her depressive cognitive ability to predict a few lottery wins, and cheer up a bit.

House Of Wax

The Movie: When a group of friends on their way to a football game become stranded, they venture to the nearest town for help. The place deserted, they check out the one attraction the small town has to offer: a creepy waxworks museum....

How Everyone Dies: Wade has his Achilles tendon sliced, before being injected with a paralysing agent, coated in molten wax and having half his face pulled off by his “friend” Dalton. Blake is stabbed in the neck, Paige dies when a pipe impales her head, Dalton is decapitated, killer Bo is beaten to death with a baseball bat, and the other killer, his brother Vincent is stabbed to death.
Carly and her brother almost make it, until it’s revealed their ride into town is another brother of the killers...yeah, they didn’t survive.

If They'd Survived: They’d get the local Sheriff sacked for failing to notice that after the mill closure in the town, all of the residents mysteriously disappeared while the wax museum continued to expand.

This Is The End

The Movie: The apocalypse begins rather inconveniently, while a party is in full swing at James Franco’s house. Some of Hollywood’s finest comedians; Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson, join forces with Franco to wage war on each other, a bunch of demons and Emma Watson. That is until they realise there’s a way to save themselves...

How Everyone Dies: A convenience store clerk is squashed by an air conditioning unit, Michael Cera is impaled by a street lamp, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Hart, Jason Segel, David Krumholtz, Martin Starr and Aziz Anzari are all killed when the Earth opens up into a fiery pit, a random man gets beheaded through the doggy door, Jonah is possessed by a demon and then dies after being set on fire, Craig goads a hellbeast and is raptured, James is eaten by cannibals, Seth and Jay are raptured to heaven.

If They'd Survived: The gang would take down cannibal king, Danny McBride and his gimp, Channing Tatum. Basking in their glory, they’d smoke a bowl, play some video games before twisting the events into a dastardly screenplay.

The Grey

The Movie: An oil drilling crew in Alaska board a flight heading back to the mainland which crashes. Not only must they survive the perishing environment, they must band together to fight off a gang of hungry wolves threatening their campsite.

How Everyone Dies: Lewenden dies from wounds inflicted during the plane crash, Burke freezes to death around the campfire and Hendrick drowns in a river. Everyone else is hunted down and killed by wolves.

If They'd Survived: Ottley would’ve reconciled with his wife, showing his bravery by arriving home with a necklace made from bloody wolf teeth.


The Movie: In a future where the sun is dying, a team of astronauts aboard the Icarus II head into orbit in an attempt to restart it with a bomb. When the Icarus I distress beacon is picked up by their ship, they decide to rendezvous with it to double their payload, therefore doubling their chance for a successful mission.

How Everyone Dies: Captain Kaneda is burned alive by the sun, Harvey fails to make it back inside the Icarus II and freezes to death, Searle is burned alive on the observation deck of the Icarus I, Trey commits suicide out of guilt, Corazon is murdered with a scalpel by Pinbacker, Mace freezes to death in the coolant surrounding the mainframes after his leg gets caught, Capa, Cassie and Pinbacker all die when the payload bomb explodes.

If They'd Survived: The crew of the Icarus II would be crowned as global heroes and saviours of humanity, celebrating their successful mission with more booze, birds and Tic Tacs you can shake a stick at. Pinbacker would be locked up in the cell next to Lecter.

The Parallax View

The Movie: Three years after the assassination of Senator Carroll, ambitious reporter Joe Frady is contacted by his ex-flame and TV news woman Lee Carter, who begins to fear for her life. When she turns up dead, Frady investigates her death, which leads him to the conspiratorial Parallax corporation.

How Everyone Dies: Carroll is shot to death by a waiter, Carter is given a fatal drug overdose, Sheriff Wicker drowns while trying to kill Frady, Carroll’s former aide Austin Tucker dies on his boat when a bomb explodes, Frady’s editor Bill Rintels drinks a poisoned cup of coffee, Senator George Hammond is shot at a rally and Frady is killed when a Parallax agent fires at him with a shotgun.

If They'd Survived: Frady would have collaborated with Carter to dig for dirt on Parallax, and used the findings to bring them down; proving they intended to kill Carroll and Hammond, indicting Wicker and ending the whole affair with a couple of cans of Tizer with Rintels.

Night Of The Living Dead

The Movie: During an annual visit to their father’s grave, Johnny teases his anxious sister Barbra. Sensing his sister’s unease as her goads her, he jinxes their predicament as the undead begin to come after them...

How Everyone Dies: Johnny fatally knocks his head on a gravestone, Tom and Judy burn to death in a truck after it explodes, Ben shoots Harry who is then eaten by an undead Karen, Helen is stabbed to death by Karen with a trowel, Barbra is eaten by the flesh-eating horde and Ben is mistakenly shot by the Sheriff’s deputies who believe him to be a zombie.

If They'd Survived: They’d have joined the the Sheriff’s department rescue crew and fought back against the rising tide of stubborn corpses. Barbra would utilise her unique method of moaning, crying and generally being unhelpful to ward them off.

The Perfect Storm

The Movie: When swordfishing boat Andrea Gail returns with no catch after a poor outing, the captain convinces his crew to go out for the last haul of the season. Venturing further out to sea past their usual stomping ground, they encounter not only horrific weather fronts but a life-threatening hurricane...

How Everyone Dies: After a huge rogue wave breaks, the boat capsizes and the entire crew are thrown overboard and left to drown.

If They'd Survived: Captain Tyne would become a national hero for bringing his crew back from the brink, making several high-profile appearances on late night TV. Bobby would reunite with his partner Chris and swallow any bad feelings about the unique colour palette she used to decorate his apartment.

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