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30 Best Movie Cinemas Around the World

Cine Acapulco

Where that? Havana, Cuba

Why We Want to Go There: Built in 1958 before the Cuban Revolution, this movie theatre is still largely untouched by the passage of time, maintaining a traditional 50s style that just looks so damn cool.


Where that? Hyderabad, India

Why We Want to Go There: It’s part of a giant complex that boasts a mall, a food court and a gaming area, but really there’s only one reason to come here: it’s the largest 3-D IMAX in the world, with a 72x92ft screen.

Best to plan ahead though. At last count, the cinema receives 1500 calls a day to book tickets.

The Castro Theatre

Where that? San Francisco, California

Why We Want to Go There: This is all about the décor. Opened in 1922, this movie theatre is an instantly recognisable, elaborate Mexican-style palace that pays tribute to cinema’s oldest and forgotten classics as well as show all the latest releases.

Le Grand Rex

Where that? Paris, France

Why We Want to Go There: The largest cinema in Europe seating 2800 people was designed to emulate an epic outdoors theatre, and it succeeded in every conceivable way.

A truly stunning cinema that will have you so convinced you are outside, you'll bring a brolly with you.

Electric Cinema

Where that? London, U.K.

Why We Want to Go There: The best cinema experience in London? That’s debatable. The comfiest? Almost certainly.

With huge armchairs making up the majority of seating, let alone 2-seater sofas at the back and double beds (DOUBLE BEDS!) at the front – not mention the cashmere blankets that are made available – this is as close as you can get to feeling like you’re watching a giant cinema screen in the comfort of your own home.

Cine Thisio

Where that? Athens, Greece

Why We Want to Go There: Ever find your eyes wandering away from the screen and at the elaborate décor/various signage of your cinema? Well at this outdoor cinema, you not only get to soak in the film, but also a magnificent view of such sights as the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

So you can have a bit of culture alongside the brand new Nicolas Cage action thriller.

Alamo Drafthouse

Where that? Austin, Texas

Why We Want to Go There: A favourite chain among U.S. audiences, not least because it hosts frequent special screening events, themed billings and quote-alongs.

The real treat however, is the cinema’s policies: Strictly no talking, no mobile phone activity and no adverts before the film. Oh, and no children under the age of six. Bliss.

Cine de Chef

Where that? Seoul, South Korea

Why We Want to Go There: Forget popcorn and fizzy ice drinks that turn your tongue blue, this establishment serves only the finest French-Italian cuisine with your movie showing, all to be enjoyed in seats so comfy you won’t be able to tell where you end and your chair begins.

Imagine a wonderful dinner date without the hassle of actually having to talk to the person you’re with.

The Archipelago Cinema

Where that? Yao Noi, Thailand

Why We Want to Go There: Because it’s a floating cinema. A cinema that floats. Just off a tropical island. Who cares what’s even showing.

Secret Cinema

Where that? Worldwide, but it’s so secret it could be happening RIGHT NEXT TO YOU and you wouldn’t even know about it.

Why We Want to Go There: It’s simultaneously the best and worst kept secret in cinema: the worst because, by now, you should have at least heard about one of their many epic, interactive experiences, and the best because, well, did you know what they were showing at the time?

No, Secret Cinema provides a fully immersive atmosphere that truly brings their films to life and you get to enjoy a themed evening with like-minded cinethusiasts, all of whom understand that being kept in the dark about the film in question up until the last possible moment is all part of the fun.

It essentially shows a cult-like respect for the movies, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.