30 Best Movie Cinemas Around the World


Where that? Liverpool, U. K.

Why We Want to Go There: No, not the organisation that will fine you for buying knock-off DVDs, but rather the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, which isn’t just part of the excellent Picturehouse cinema chain, but is also a facility dedicated to the entire art of filmmaking, hosting exhibitions as well as screenings.

It's the thinking man's cinema. So expect lots of students.

Kino Pionier

Where that? Szczecin, Poland

Why We Want to Go There: Built in 1909, this is the oldest movie theatre in the world, which had just 82 seats until another screen was opened more recently in the adjacent bar. Here customers can come to enjoy a drink and watch a silent film with a live piano accompaniment.

Rooftop Cinema

Where that? Melbourne, Australia

Why We Want to Go There: 185 colourful deckchairs and one big screen make up the rooftop area on top of a picturesque building , allowing audiences to soak up a fantastic view of the Melbourne skyline as well as the film they’re watching.

Sala Montjuc

Where that? Barcelona, Spain

Why We Want to Go There: You might have to bring your own chair and blanket, as well as booze and food, but it’s all worth it to enjoy popular films outside within the confines of a 17th century castle. That’s right, it’s CASTLE CINEMA.

Nokia Ultra Screen

Where that? Bangkok, Thailand

Why We Want to Go There: Well, does YOUR local cinema offer a free foot massage during the film? Would you even want one from that spotty teenage usher?

Cinematheque Francais

Where that? Paris, France

Why We Want to Go There: It features an extensive film archive and has paid host to many of the great French directors, but most importantly it is based in an incredible post-modern building, with movies projected on to its interior walls.

It really is the artsy way to appreciate Die Hard .

Where that? Tokyo, Japan

Why We Want to Go There: Supposedly the smallest cinema in Japan, the genius of this venue is that none of the mere 40 seats are fixed in place, meaning that you can move around and arrange seating however you like to make for a more personable, sociable cinema experience.

Avoca Beach Picture Cinema

Where that? New South Wales, Australia

Why We Want to Go There: It serves tasty cocktails in what is basically a refurbished surf shack just a couple of hundred feet from the sea. Plus, y'know, it’s a cinema on the beach... what else is there to say?

Colosseum Kino

Where that? Oslo, Norway

Why We Want to Go There: A giant domed roof serves a double purpose of enhancing the sound design within while also looking awesome on the outside.

The former helps to make for an incredible movie-viewing experience in what is the world’s largest THX cinema, while the latter makes the venue stand out in an already stunning Oslo skyline.

Raj Mandir Theatre

Where that? Jaipur, India

Why We Want to Go There: With more than 1200 seats that regularly sell out, the Raj Mandir Theatre is a beautiful venue that acts as a celebration of all things Bollywood.

If the building alone doesn't do it for you, you'll soon get swept up in the joyous atmosphere as a packed-full audience clap every time the hero appears on screen.