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25 Terrifying Movie Hooligans

Pete Dunham - Green Street (2005)

The Movie Hooligan: The leader of the Green Street Hooligans, a football firm, Pete (Charlie Hunnam) holds down a day job as a P.E. teacher, keeping him in tip top shape for raging on the away team’s fans.

Nastiest Moment: What, besides his habit of beating hell out of people in every scene? Bellowing to his archenemy, Tommy, across a huge brawl that he was to blame for his own son’s violent death. Brutality dished out in far more scathing manner.

Spider - Gran Torino (2008)

The Movie Hooligan: The leader of a street gang, Spider’s (Doua Moua) mission is to initiate his younger cousin Thao into their crew, and brings about a series of reprehensible events to get it done.

Nastiest Moment: Kidnapping Thao’s sister - and letting the gang do what they want with her.

Trevor - Kidulthood (2006)

The Movie Hooligan: A fifteen-year old misogynist, Trevor (Aml Ameen) is a classy thug.

His time is spent on robbery, abusive treatment of women and a predilection for power instead of going to school.

Nastiest Moment: As part of a gang initiation, he slices a man’s face off with a Stanley knife.

Mick, Wallace and Johnny - ....If (1968)

The Movie Hooligan: A trio of boarding school lads, Mick (Malcolm McDowell), Wallace (Richard Warwick) and Johnny (David Wood) aren’t sticklers for the rules, with a preference for playing hooky to go and steal motorbikes than attend class.

Nastiest Moment: During parents day, they flood the school with tear gas then open fire onto the hordes of people fleeing the building.

Matt - The Dirties (2013)

The Movie Hooligan: High school film nerd through-and-through, Matt (Matt Johnson) wants to shoot a movie based on the bullies that make his life hell.

His best buddy tries to dissuade him from making a ‘real’ movie - but his reality button appears to be jammed...

Nastiest Moment: Calmly walking up to two lads who bullied him about his clothes back in the sixth grade, and blowing their heads off.

Bishop - Juice (1992)

The Movie Hooligan: A teenage Harlem street rat, Bishop (Tupac Shakur) skips school to hang with his three buddies. Enraged by how authority figures treat them, he gets a whiff of the ‘juice’ - crime - and turns into a cold-blooded killer.

Nastiest Moment: Pinning his murderous crime spree on his ex-best mate, Q.

Bobby Kent - Bully (2001)

The Movie Hooligan: The title’s a giveaway here. Bobby Kent (Nick Stahl) isn’t the sort of lad who bestows his closest friends with warm, fuzzy feelings. He’d rather ruin their lives, driving them to murder.

Nastiest Moment: On a double date with his friend Marty and two girls, Ali and Lisa. He sleeps with Ali, then beats Marty unconscious so he can force himself on Lisa.

The Motherfucker - Kick Ass 2 (2013)

The Movie Hooligan: The archenemy to Kick-Ass, Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) takes on a new monicker, and forms a troupe of badass supervillains.

He’s whiny, he’s entitled... he’s a teenager who can’t get what he wants. Boo.

Nastiest Moment: Kick-Ass’s dad takes the rap for his son’s vigilante activity and is thrown in jail.

Seizing the opportunity, Chris has him killed behind bars, sending photographs of the murder to Kick-Ass.

Peter Stegman - Class of 1984 (1982)

The Movie Hooligan: A psychopathic student criminal, Peter (Timothy Van Patten) leads a crew of Neo-Nazis at his high school who supply their classmates with drugs and prostitutes while enforcing an extortion racket.

At least they’re productive.

Nastiest Moment: He covers his body with self-inflicted injuries and pins it on Mr Norris, a teacher who is then suspended.

He and his gang then rape Norris’s wife and leave photographs as a gruesome memento.

Casper and Telly - Kids (1995)

The Movie Hooligans: Casper (Justin Pierce) and Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) might be teens, but their horrific gutter-mouthed conversations are just a precursor to their robbing, cheating actions, which are entirely self-serving.

Nastiest Moment: We could have picked loads here, but we don't want to get too spoilery... After Casper bumps into an old man while skateboarding, the two reprobates join a group of juveniles in beating the man senseless.

Casper knocks him unconscious with a harsh blow from the board, and Telly spits on him. Charming.

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