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The 20 most hate-filled comments for our 100 best games list

Rex A - "And JUST WHO thought it was okay to stick Mario Kart 7 And Pokemon Black/White on there?!?!?!?! This list is an utter disgrace."

BONUS!!! The 10 most hate-filled comments on the 20 most hate-filled comments for our 100 best games!!!

That's right, we've updated our list with the 10 most angry comments from this very article (as of /4/28/2012). Why? Because the fans demanded it!

MrJP - "The reason there were so many 'hate-filled' comments is because the list was full of holes and didnt even follow the rules set out at the start of the article."

alexandre-bret - "This list sucked I read some other comments were more entertaining than this"

kiing8kong6 - "YEAH WHERE THE F**K WAS DEADSPACE!!!!!!!"

doominatorx6 - "I don't understand the relevance, but yeah. F**K MTV."

Galgomite - "THOSE are your most hate-filled comments? Snore."

Shazamin - "I will gaurentee each and every one of you burn in Hell for not putting Pokemon Silver on the list!!!"

talleyXIV - "I am offended that my comment did not make the list. Stupid dicks."

grim08 - "Personal bias and a desire to be "different" kept (Final Fantasy) VII from this list. Not the bulls**t excuse they gave me about "no repeats unless it evolved the series significantly..""

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