UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 review

Token update of FIFA 07 with robotic AI, yet we're still excited

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To make matters worse UEFA ’s AI is a little in shambles. Even on the higher difficulty levels it’s always very obvious you’re playing a machine, from the way the attitude of opposing teams will shift disjointedly (at 3-0 down their game is raised unrecognizably and they wheel out the step-overs and sidesteps) to some bizarre and inhuman stop-start on-field movement. To illustrate the latter, at one point we stood completely still at the edge of the opposition box with the ball at our feet. Three defenders jerkily crept towards us, circling our player like he was protected by an invisible force field and refusing to put a challenge in. “He’s not really doing much with it here,” Clive Tyldesley chirped on the commentary - more alarmingly, though, neither were the opposition.

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DescriptionEA has botched the beauty of Champions League by simply repackaging FIFA 07 with minor tweaks and insubstantial additions. Good, but a wasted opportunity.
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