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Ubisoft posts interactive E3 teaser/office tour video series

To tease its E3 plans ahead of the show next week, Ubisoft has just posted an elaborate, multi-part, Choose Your Own Adventure-style video series to its YouTube channel. Don't get too excited, though - aside from detailing the publisher's Twitter and interactive-booth-tour plans (courtesy of Ubi community developer/former GamesRadar editorGabe Graziani), the video doesn't actually reveal much about what Ubisoft's actually got up its sleeve for the big show.

It does, however, offer a pretty good look at Ubi's San Francisco offices, which is kind of a treat if you've never been there.Play your cards right, and you might even see PR rep Michael Beadle bust a move in a Just Dancet-shirt. Oryou might get punched in the face by the receptionist, which in this case means you did something right.

Above: Oh man, she's not even taking off the ring first? Brutal

Jun 8, 2010

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