Ubisoft kicks off its E3 press conference with Just Dance 2017 (and a hot stepping panda)

In the most insane decision of any publisher from this (and perhaps any other) E3, Ubisoft kicked off its press conference for the year’s biggest trade show with… Just Dance 2017.

Complete with human panda, lion, and giraffe, all strutting their somewhat questionable stuff to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

Returning host Aisha Tyler – y’know, Charlie off Friends – made light of the situation, saying “your life is not complete until you have a lion singing at you from your television screen”. She went on to announce that the game will be out in October for PS4 and Xbox One, and on Nintendo NX next year.

It’s Tyler’s fifth consecutive year presenting the show. Another classic quote followed the above: “they’re paying me in red wine and sarcasm.”

If I’ve not mentioned any more about Just Dance 2017, it’s because there was literally nothing else said about Just Dance 2017.

Just dancing animals. Another year of 6/10s across the board, then.

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