Ubisoft grows wild for 'Movember' fundraiser

It's getting itchy over at Ubisoft. All November long, employees at Ubisoft's San Francisco, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver and France offices have been letting their facial hair fly free as part of the annual 'Movember' cancer research fundraiser.

As any manly man can tell you, Movember is an entire month dedicated to the growing, sculpting and parading of fancy beards and moustaches. In addition to alienating themselves from spouses, participants also raise fundsfrom their friends and families to help in the fight against cancer.

With just two days left in the event, Ubisoft has raised an impressive $24,082 toward the cause. Ubisoft Montreal remains the top contributor out of all Ubisoft offices with $9,762, and its very own Cedric Orvine is topping the list for individual fundraisers at $2,501.

Above: Steve Kestell and Dave Wigmore of Ubisoft Vancouver

There's still time to donate to Ubisoft's team or anyone else participating in Movember. Just make sure to ask if they are, in fact, doing it for Movember. Trust me, you don't want to get into that conversation with Aunt Harriet.

P.S. Yes, we're aware that this is only tangentially related to games, but if you were us, and someone said something about Ubisoft's mustaches curing cancer, wouldn't you write about it?

Nov 29, 2010

[Source: Game Politics]

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