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Ubisoft China apologizes for releasing coffee cup with handle on the inside

(Image credit: Ubisoft/Sheepedia)

Ubisoft China recently partnered up with Chinese clothing company Sheepedia to produce the wonderful coffee cup you see above, but unfortunately they've pulled the product and apologized for what was supposedly a manufacturing error.

As explained by prominent Twitter personality Daniel Ahmad, it's possible Ubisoft China and Sheepedia are simply generating buzz for their new clothing and accessory line. "Ubisoft China is known for being a tongue in cheek, playing on the reputation of Ubisoft games, so it's likely this is just a viral marketing campaign and not an actual error," Ahmad wrote.

Apparently, the mug made quite a splash on Chinese social media and piqued the interest of fans, leading the two companies to discuss options for selling them or giving them away. Call me gullible, but my first reaction to learning about Ubisoft's mug was to get out my wallet and find out how I could order one. What I'm saying is, if this really is some elaborate marketing ploy, it's actually kind of brilliant. This article wouldn't exist if Ubisoft released a boring, vanilla, practical coffee cup, and we wouldn't be talking about the company's new merch line.

Anyway, when Ubisoft isn't busy making perfect coffee cups, they're preparing their presentation for the Future Games Show, which will also feature games from 2K, Sega, and other devs big and small.

Believe it or not, Ubisoft's coffee cup doesn't even compare to some of the weird games memorabilia we've collected over the years (hint: real heart in a bag).

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