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Twin Mirror ramps up the drama with new cinematic trailer

(Image credit: DONTNOD)

Dontnod's Twin Mirror has reemerged during the PC Gaming Show (opens in new tab).  

The Life is Stranger developer is back to fiddle with your feelings again with a new cinematic trailer for its new narrative-driven game. The game is now self-published, will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this year, and centers on an investigative journalist called Sam Higgs.

We got to see the new trailer at the PC Gaming Show (opens in new tab) which shows our hero returning to his peaceful hometown of Basswood, where things quickly get complicated. We see a gun, a fight, and a flaming car. In a previous trailer from 2018 (opens in new tab), we know Higgs will find himself with bloody clothes and no memory the previous night - which sounds like one hell of a hangover - and will have to use his skills as an investigative journalist to uncover what happened to him. 

What this new trailer didn't show was some of the trippier gameplay elements we saw in that early look, like a strange world with floating debris and mysterious doors - our hero's Mind Palace -  and Higgs fighting a figure made out of a glass-like substance. At Gamescom 2018 Namco Bandai, which was originally publishing the game, also revealed details of the alter ego that will keep you company during the game. 

"The Double, Sam’s inner voice takes the form of a classy yet sarcastic version of himself. But, is he here to help? Or to hinder Sam?"

The answer is unlikely to be straightforward, Dontnod is best known for the Life is Strange series, and its recent Victorian horror adventure Vampyr. Both played with the idea of consequences and perception, and Twin Mirror will almost certainly do the same. 

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Rachel Weber
Rachel Weber

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