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Jayne and Mal reunited, Fallout: New Arrakis and birthday wishes for Jensen Ackles in this week’s tour through the Twittersphere

The sad thing about Twitter is despite its many virtues as a means to disseminate news in the blink of an eye and fill our lives with annoying hashtag jokes, it can be a depressingly morbid place at times. Tributes to deceased celebrities regularly dominate the streams, usually when the celebs are very much alive and kicking, but occasionally the outpouring of emotion is entirely justified. In the case of Ralph McQuarrie any number of tributes on Twitter was never going to be enough to recognise the life of such an extraordinary individual, a life that changed the look of science fiction forever with his immortal work on the original Star Wars. That said, when it comes to Twitter, all we have are our words (and the occasional Twitpic), so here are some of the most touching:

@ ADaniels3PO Ralph McQuarrie is dead.Without his inspirational art I would not be C-3PO. I once said to him,"This is all YOUR fault!" Then I thanked him.

@ simonpegg RIP Ralph McQuarrie, an extraordinary artist whose work fueled my dreams, fantasies and imagination. His paintings will live forever.

@ joe_hill Ah, real sad to come home and see Ralph McQuarrie passed away. His vision provided most of the furniture for my 11-yr old imagination.

@ NathanHamill RIP Ralph McQuarrie. My childhood was more joyous because of you.

@ bonniegrrl So sad to hear about the passing of legendary @StarWars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. He was an intergalactic talent.

@ woodelijah a disturbance in the force, Ralph McQuarrie has passed. may the force be with him

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ jarpad Mr. Jensen Ackles says thanks for all of the birthday wishes! And he wants to know what "trending" means :)

@ DAVID_A_SLADE Hello to Jason Issacs #Awake

@ rcjohnso Each time I conjure a Frost Atronach in Skyrim I think about the whale in Hitchhikers and feel a little bad.

If that last tweet made sense to you I think we are now technically married.

@ MillaJovovich Hey every1! I'm visiting my hubby in the RE editing room n thought I cld give u a glimpse on how they work!

@ DamonLindelof The Weyland talk is NOT in the movie. Made just for TED. And y'all, of course. #MoreToCome

@ bergopolis When is Fallout: New Arrakis coming out? I would play the shit out of that.

@ RealReeceShears Moving on - told today that the BBC are getting rid of all our "Psychoville" props. I wondered how interested people would be in an auction?

@ emmacaulfield tonight's line up was a The Mist (initiated a friend)& TWD double header. the only thing that can make this dark cloud lift is STTNG.

@ StephenMangan So you can a) watch # DirkGently at 9pm or b) all your hair %26 teeth %26 legs will fall off %26 you'll smell like a dead badger. Up to you.

@ ManMadeMoon Somebody asked me what the relationship between a producer and a director is... I'd say at best, its like this;

@ ClareGrant @simonpegg You make an awesome Dengar!!! That was fun. :) #clonewars

@ simonpegg @ClareGrant Much fun securing the back platform. #clonewars , making Star Wars cool again, twenty minutes at a time.

@ AnthonySHead Seriously rubbish at tweeting - last tweet was Oct last year!

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A classic piece of Ralph McQuarrie art in MINDCANDY.

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