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Eureka gets the axe, Spock meets Spock and Andy Hallet remembered in this week’s tweets

Twitter has been a scary place over the past week with the riots plaguing English cities dominating streams. At least now we know what the world will be like when the inevitable zombie apocalypse hits.

Things are feeling similarly apocalyptic over at the Syfy channel where Eureka received a very public execution this week with many of the stars seemingly as confused as fans were, as the network seemed unable to make its mind up about the show’s future. The bad news: one of Syfy’s longest running shows is toast (presumably to make room for another reality show or another hour of wrestling), the good news: there’s another one and a half seasons worth of episodes to go, huzzah!

With many of the stars, writers and show runners on Twitter there was a great deal of thanks poured through the internet pipe. And if you’re so inclined you can sign a twitition here to save the show. You never know...

@ bergopolis Everyone is asking why. It's simple, really.

We are the network's golden child in every way, except profit margins. Fact is, #Eureka is an expensive show to make.

@ sallirichardson I guess the word is out that Eureka is ending. I have loved being part of the Eureka family and the last day is going to be very sad.

@ neilgrayston Seriously awed at all the kind words peeps! You guys make me fist pump/transition to air guitar so hard! #Eureka loves you!

@ wilw Saying goodbye to #Eureka :


@ colinferg Thanks for the outpouring of affection everyone. YOU made the show. YOU made it special. YOU made it worth being part of. Thank you so much

@ jaimepaglia Thrilled that our network and studio are giving us another episode to make a #Eureka series finale. The fans and show deserve it. Thank you.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ martinoxon Listing my favorite top ten horror comedies for an article: Shaun of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead...

@ simonpegg Fab stories from Paul Freeman today. Apparently there maybe a community of snakes living at Elstree Studios descended from Raiders escapees.

@ OliverPhelps Shame we had to give our wands back when we finished filming. That would sort these riots out.

@ MonasticProds I never thought I would say this and I know it sounds trite - but I want Raymondo, Chris, Alex and The Guv out there tonight. I do.

@ Eastbournepol To dispel another rumour, Godzilla hasn't destroyed the #Eastbourne Pier We dispersed him before he had the chance

@ edgarwright I wrote four pages today. At this rate, I will have a new film out by 2018. See you at the cinema!

@ DamonLindelof Futuredharma!


@ GroovyBruce I. Am. In. Oz. Sam Raimi refuses to tell me what character I will portray. Just know that the role is PIVOTAL.

@ David_Boreanaz Remember Andy Hallett.A great person who could light up a room,and turn a bad day into a day of Love and Laughter

@ ZacharyLevi Dear @HamillHimself , It was an honor having you come play in our sandbox my friend. You're welcome anytime. #maytheforcebewithusall :)

@ alan_tudyk cowboys and aliens is okay for a space western but suffers from a painful lack of chinese

@ TheRealNimoy Had dinner with Zachary Quinto. Great conversation, always. LLAP

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