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Tweets Of The Week

A Torchwood web spin-off, renewal/cancellation reactions from the stars of sci-fi TV and much, much more in this bumper Tweets Of The Week

@ BBC_Torchwood Russell's got spot right above "THE DOCTOR", hilarious and coincidental. Post Production, we're getting close!

A lot has happened around the globe since we last brought you tweets of the week, America executed the world’s most wanted man, a country we didn’t even know was part of Europe won the Eurovision Song Contest and the interweb just about collapsed on itself in anticipation of Neil Gaiman’s episode of Doctor Who.

But the thing that got us most excited – this little ditty which seems to have slipped a lot of people (including us, till now) by – Torchwood is getting a web spinoff. Not only that but Jane Espenson is involved and has heavily hinted Eliza Dushku will star.

@ JaneEspenson There is going to be Torchwood web content. So in addition to #TorchwoodMiracleDay there is #TorchwoodWebOfLies . Enjoy all the TW brands!

We have faith in Torchwood: Web of Lies. #hint

It's tru; there's an echo of my past work in #Torchwood : Web of Lies. (I know you already solved my little puzzle, but this is fun.)

Exciting, no? Speaking of Torchwood we now know that Miracle Day has wrapped shooting according to Twitter:

@ BBC_Torchwood That's a WRAP on John, Eve, Mekhi, Alexa, Bill, and Lauren! 2nd Unit night shoots then... until next season. Cross your fingers!

And that the first episode is amazing according to, er, Kai Owen:

@ KaiKaiOwen Ok, so I've just got back from watching the first episode of 'Torchwood- Miracle Day' and it was amazing, it's the best yet.


The (Bumper) SFX Twitter Stream

@ OldRoberts953 Weird hangover fact: Russell Davies has NEVER had a headache. I told a neurologist who said 'We really want that brain when available.'

@ jamesmoran That female synth-announcer at King's Cross totally sounds like GlaDOS. I worry every time I go through there.

@ murraygold Oh my God, they killed Kenny Rory...


@ edgarwright 'Scott Pilgrim' is trending in the USA and 'Spaced' trending in the UK. I hope I haven't died. x

@ DamonLindelof THE DARK TOWER is the Fermat's Last Theorem of film adaptations. At least that's what I whisper into my pillow when I cry myself to sleep.

@ HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN I was with Mr. Suda and Mr. Yamaoka last night. Business mtg. x v

@ jock4twenty page insanity from mr @jimlee00 : FOR THE GREEN LANTERN CORP!

@ DavidBlue Humbled by all of your compliments. Playing amongst the #SGU cast was an honor from start to finish. ...Til next time, Gadget!

@ IanAnthonyDale #TheEvent To our amazing fans, our time on NBC may be over, but we are working hard to find a new home that shares our collective enthusiasm

@ MichaelChiklis Many thanks to the fans of #NOF around the world and to the cast, crew and writers. I had a lot of fun.

@ trutriciahelfer Yup, it's official folks. NBC passed on #17thPrecinct .


@ mishacollins Some friends are making a light-hearted, fun-loving comedy. This behind-the-scenes image really captures the tone:

@ WilliamShatner So if 2 actors played Capt Kirk does that mean there are 5 or 6 Captains? Chris Pine is part of The Captain's project so I count 6 MBB #CAPT

@ RealReeceShears Right, I'm off to bed. What's that in the corner...? Oh NOT NOW SILENT SINGER!!? NOT NOW. v

@ MatthewMcnultys Just finished 1st day on misfits they're a sound bunch down on thamesmead happy times! x

@ REALLAURENSOCHA awww i have missed my twitter.. filming has been going really food and joe gilgun is amazing we all love him :D

@ MarkChrLawrence Best fans ever! x

@ Scott_Krinsky Were back for trouble:). ChuckS5. Chucksters! We couldn't have done it w/o you. Grazie! x

@ ZacharyLevi So, just in case you were wondering, there is in fact a God, and he's apparently a HUGE fan of Jeffster! Who knew right?!

@ JoshSchwartz76 Decision by NBC to pick up CHUCK for a final season to complete the story was incredibly classy. A gift to fans who have been so loyal.

@ BryanFuller #PUSHING DAISIES COMIC sneak revealed 1 BANANA 2 BANANA 3 BANANA

This is the 4th and final banana of the #PUSHINGDAISIES comic book TEASER sneak peek!


@ MillaJovovich i'm so sorry ppl, but aren't "hunters" big frogs? x

@ charltonbrooker I mean, when I was six, Star Wars was AMAZING. But then everyone went on and bloody on about it for the next 34 years.

And Attack of the Clones was better than Return of the Jedi.

@ edwardjolmos #movienighttweet ridley made me sit in the scene thus came the origami piece.... x

@ GreatDismal RT @RellaC @GreatDismal people keep talking about a Neuromancer film. [People have been talking about since before you were born] x

@ Jon_Favreau Let's save time and just give Peter Dinklage an Emmy right now. #gameofthrones

#milesfinch x

@ rclarkie @ neilhimself So what we going to next?

x x

@ neilhimself @ rclarkie Well, we have to do something next. Or they'll accuse us of being one hit wonders. (Ponders.)

@ Asiaargento23 Trying costumes for #Dracula3D

@ simonpegg Hatching plans with @edgarwright ... x

@ edgarwright Hatching plans with @SimonPegg ...



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