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Movement on Mortal Kombat, two wannabe Timelords and the man who would be Catwoman in this week’s tweets

There’s only one news story dominating Twitter this week, and that’s Charlie Sheen’s uncomfortably public meltdown. So imagine how excited we got when Sheen revealed, live on American TV, that he had “Tigerblood”, the son of President Bartlet a superhuman animal hybrid? Alas it wasn’t to be as Sheen’s Tigerblood is firmly of the non-SF, stir crazy variety.

So in lieu of genuine sci-fi related Sheen news – a public service announcement for fans of Kevin Tancharoen’s (bro of Dollhouse writer Maurissa Tancharoen) gritty Mortal Kombat short from a little while back. He’s currently shooting the multi-part live action web series spinning off from the short, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth , and is keeping fans updated by posting pictures from his Twitter account, including first looks at many characters. The first episode will be available until sometime in the spring but for now, fatality fans, you’ll have to make do with this:

@ KTANCH Friendship or Fatality? Which do you prefer?


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ jamesmoran Is it wrong that when I see 80 year old dictators with glossy jet black hair and armed flunkies, I think: Goa'uld

@ Mark_Sheppard How about Crowley as Charlie's replacement on Two And A Half Men?

Dr. Who was definitely a dream job for me... Matt is my favorite Doctor... but I really want Sherlock.

@ nickjfrost If you think Paul was good you should see Close Encounters of the Third Kind! x

@ DamonLindelof @ JoshSchwartz76 Something tells me I'm gonna be watching CHUCK live tonight --

@ therealKidKoala @ edgarwright shooting his next film in Tokyo. T5: Rise of the Spaghetti.

@ radiomaru blog post: script and thumbnails from the ENDING of Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour!!! x

@ wilw Watching Firefly on Science Channel, and it's better than much of what's on now. It is a fucking crime that this show was cancelled.

@ edgarwright Back in Los Angeles on Sunday morning after leaving Japan on Sunday night. This is as close as I will become to being Doctor Who.

@ Markgatiss These new Sontaran action-figures are uncanny.

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