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Tweets Of The Week

Neil Gaiman takes a trip to visit a certain Time Lord and Chuck gets kidnapped

One of the best things about Twitter is that it allows you to obsessively stalk friendly celebrities as they go about their occasionally fascinating lives without running risk of restraining order and/or time in the pen. Take for example Neil Gaiman ( @neilhimself ), who this week took a plane over the pond to visit the set of Doctor Who as his episode went in front of cameras. From dinner with Terry Pratchett to a plot to steal the TARDIS no moment went un-tweeted – you’d never catch us being that candid (except those redacted SFX Weekender tweets of course). You can read the full story on his Twitter feed but here are the highlights, complete with a sneaky SFX reference!

  • I'm in Cardiff. Tomorrow: Doctor Who by day, dinner with Terry Pratchett by night. Crimefighting to follow. Whee.
  • Dave the train conductor is a keen SFX reader & deduced that I was me. He bows each time he goes past. God knows what other passengers think.
  • One of these men is a knight of the realm. One is a commoner who badly needs a haircut. You be the judge
  • Today I will be interviewed by DWC on the TARDIS set while elsewhere Matt Smith & Suranne Jones will be [tweet redacted]. Photos unlikely.
  • About to steal TARDIS and explore space and time. Back by lunchtime.
  • Farewell United Kingdom. Be glorious & chilly while I am gone. Good luck to @ rclarkie & the ace Dr Who team, but I'm sure you won't need it.

The SFX Twitter Stream :

@NoelClarke Hmm The internet is officially wrong: How does an innocent image search for wonder woman turn into what i just saw? Superman how could you?

@neilgrayston I have a harmonica shaped like a corncob. The package calls it a cornymonica. Clearly, it should be called a harmonicorn.

@JoshSchwartz76 Been told I can't seek out/harass Nielsen viewers. Show-runner license could be suspended. Last time that almost happened? OC S3.

@SethGreen Outside @ ZacharyLevi 's house. I predict a kidnapping... .

@ZacharyLevi In the back trunk of a kidnapper who sounds like Chris Griffin, with someone else's blood on my hand. Glad they let me keep my phone. Bonus.

@JewelStaite Um. I just opened my front door to the sight of a homeless lady washing her nethers in the fountain in my yard. What else ya got, Friday?? .

@JaneEspenson I may have to get some fries at "Lord of the Fries" near my hotel, just to support that sort of naming.

@iansomerhalder Not use to being in a suit at airport. Just told a little girl that I quit TVD to become a business man and she almost started crying.

@wilw "F**k you, Unicorn. You can suck my c**k!" -@ FeliciaDay , who is playing an iPhone game against a unicorn, and just "F****d his face up."

@feliciaday Rumors of my unicorn hatred are greatly exaggerated @ wilw . #notheyrenot >:D .

@michaelsheen Also today watched 20 mins of TRON. I cried.

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.