Tweets Of The Week

Brent Spiner, Steven Moffat, Wil Wheaton: the net's been buzzing with sci-fi tweets and here are a few of the best

Last week was the week of America's "royal wedding" between Chelsea Clinton and some big-shot investment banker. But who of our SF Twitterers was among the throng of well wishers?

"Had a great night with Bill and Hillary and the newlyweds," Tweeted Ol' Yellow Eyes, Brent Spiner . "So happy for Chelsea. Bought them a spoon. Smoked a cigar w/Bill. El Producto." Really? Commander Data at the Wedding Of The Decade? "Not the Clintons!" he followed up. "Bill and Hillary Rappaport from Queens. Guess it's ironic their son, Chelsea was married on the same day."

So, what else have our kings and queens of the Twittersphere been up to?

Well, Steven Moffat has realised lots of travelling doesn't work well with creativity: "Writing, spaced out on jetlag. That ought to work for Doctor Who. Doesn't"; Mark Gatiss revealed a weakness brought on by unsavoury weather: "I hate the rain. It makes me blue. But there's something to be said for lashing rain. Cosy. May have to watch The Curse of Peladon"; Mark Millar could hardly contain his joy that Tony Scott - that's Top Gun's TONY SCOTT! - is directing his comic Nemesis: "Tony directing ANY superhero movie sounds like a good call to us. The fact that he's bringing that style to ours is great. We're v happy"

Wes Craven revealed where he's got to filming Scream 4: "65.5F, 74% humidity, and too many mosquito bites to count. Interior tonight, filming victim death number 3..."; Eliza Dushku revealed that the daughter of a big Hollywood star is a keen Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan: "Home, homies!! Flew w/ Big Willy Smith & his GORG & more importantly warm/sweet daughter "Willow" a BTVS fan! Coincidence..? I think not!"; David Arnold seemed to have got himself confused on the way back from the Odeon: "Has anyone seen The Last Airbender? Not in real life, at the cinema. I mean the film.not have you seen the actual Last Airbender at the cinem?"

Meanwhile, Wil Wheaton is still living the geek dream at Gen Con: "I love that I'm in a bar, ordering Trollblood beer, watching Blade Runner, surrounded by gamers"; and finally Jonathan Ross revealed what he's been up to following his departure from Auntie: "We are going to Harry Potter Wizarding World this week. i am growing my summer beard so I can pass as Dumbledore's nephew. Son? Brother?"

See you next week, denizens of the Twitterverse. Don't forget to follow SFX's feed too!

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