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Doctor Who returns, Nathan Fillion celebrates his birthday and Neil Gaiman plots Sandman in a dance club, all in the latest Tweets Of The Week

Institutionalised religion may be the “official” reason for the glorious four-day Easter weekend, but we can think of no better way to celebrate the return of Doctor Who (and Game Of Thrones , natch) than two extra days R&R.

The (third) debut episode of the Doctor’s new companion, Clara Oswald, proved to be a winner on Twitter with over 30,000 tweets discussing “The Bells Of Saint John” sent between 6:15 and 7pm, with a peak of 2,100 per minute. Here’s a handful of our favourite Who -related tweets from across the weekend.

@THEBRYANHITCH Weird. I appear to have travelled forward one hour in time. Perhaps a new PR thing from BBC Wales for Doctor Who's 50th.

@SarahPinborough Fuck it, I'm going to work up a couple of Who pitches for my agent in the next fortnight. Don't try, don't get. #womenwritewho

@edgarwright Time to update the ranking of my chart of cute brunette Doctor Who companions.

Peri still number one, obviously. (Cough @thenicolabryant )

@neilhimself Finished writing ADR script for the CYBERMEN episode while in England they are already recording it. And so to bed. #DoctorWho

@joe_hill But @neilhimself can't be the Doctor because the Doctor is here reading @neilhimself to some friends:

The SFX Twitter Stream

@simonpegg Watching a Walking Dead from season 2 and noticed some of Heisenberg's blue meth in Daryl's stash. What happened to Walt and Jesse on Z day?

@neilhimself Bored in the best way. Standing in the corner of a dance club plotting Sandman in my head.

Wil Wheaton

@wilw @neilhimself Wait. You're ... plotting ... Sandman? Um .... should I start a dance club in my trousers?

@missmorenab Happy Bday to the handsomest tight panted captain ever.

@JewelStaite Happy birthday @NathanFillion , the captainiest tight pants-wearer I know. Love you so. PS

@WilliamShatner @NathanFillion Happy Birthday! What are you? 25? My best, Bill

@RealReeceShears Having this for the front room - The Thing - the chandelier:

@stevendeknight Love it! RT @ryan_curtis In the next #supernatural episode there is a VFX shot who's note was "Add a Spartacus level of blood" #spn

@DrMatthewSweet Lovely lunch today with veteran Dr Who writer Donald Tosh: "Pepe Poupee," he said, "ruled the other Chumblies with a rod of iron."


@SamWitwer Would like to thank Toby Whithouse - wrote me a very kind and generous letter. Pleased ur enjoying us. We've certainly enjoyed #BeingHumanUK

@RobertPicardo My beloved friend and captain....

@JamesGunn Star-Lord wuz here.

@MarcW Day 35. Cal McCrystal and the Oscorp Security Team. They'll make you laugh... and then they'll literally kill you.

@DamonLindelof There's gonna be some cool INTO DARKNESS stuff during tonight's WALKING DEAD finale. #CumberbatchIsNotPlayingAZombie

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