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The return of Doctor Who to the tellybox can mean only one thing – a Twitter explosion every Saturday night akin to the entire population of the UK sticking their heads out of the window and shouting at the top of their lungs. This week’s cry was a resounding “Blimey, that was a bit good.” And, “By jove, how on Earth did they keep that secret.”

Good work, Auntie Beeb. But it also proves something about the nature of secrets in this all-digital, all-information, all-instant age – it is possible to keep a secret after all. Albeit not if you follow the official Doctor Who Twitter feed that mentioned a certain character’s appearance they second they popped up on screen. Those poor time shifters/everyone in the world outside the UK, eh?

@ steven_moffat Doctor Who: heartfelt thanks to all the journalists, bloggers, and forum members who kept our little secret for tonight. You are the best!

And also, because we found this taste into the Twitter life of Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat funny:

@ steven_moffat It's a PROVISIONAL call for my head!! RT @aleczandah : If Asylum of the Daleks is bad it is time for @steven_moffat to GO. #DoctorWho

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ kateesackhoff Team "awsomeness" @NathanFillion @MichaelTrucco @pablove #CelebrityCelebrity

@ ManMadeMoon Just watched trailer for Wreck-it Ralph. Someone at Disney tapped into my childhood and made a film just for me!

@ MattStrevens1 You know we mentioned the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Well look who've just ridden into town. #misfits

@ SethGreen RT @deebradleybaker : At #StarWarsCVI with Jedi Master George Lucas whilst #StarWarsDetours @wizmatts %26 @JATactor lurk.

@ jarpad Well here you go!!! What i promised.... What you've all been waiting for.... Here's my "naked" photo...

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru I feel like sp vol 1 suffers now because the movie covers it almost verbatim and is so much bigger and more exciting. Book is still good ;o;

@ simonpegg Just gave the VFX legend that is Greg Nicotero his Variety Lifetime Achievement Award at #Frightfest . Curry after.

@ wilw "I sure am glad the SyFy channel is doing more reality shows, instead of original Science Fiction shows!" - Nobody, ever.

I drove the Enterprise MT @ nightcrawlerfan What did you do in high school? Besides be in the unofficial D&D club in your friend's basements.

@ DamonLindelof A wise man once said that you haven't achieved anything as a writer until someone calls you a hack. #Overachieving

@ Syfy Q) @David_ONeill_ Are the plans for the Blake 7 reboot to be serialized or episodic in nature? A) I don't know much about it yet.

@ joelmchale #Community 's newest Prof.--- the legendary #MalcolmMcdowell . I'm as giddy as a school girl. #professorcornwallis

@ edgarwright By the way, the 'Spaced' episode on C4 tomorrow is a repeat, but it does feature CGI Jabba, the spider walk %26 the French plantations scenes.

@ ActuallyNPH Oh man, I just toured what is perhaps the coolest place of all time! Bucket list moment. Almost started crying. #woody

@ MoTancharoen Thank you so much for all your kind words. We are beyond excited. Here we go! #S.H.I.E.L.D.

@ NathanFillion Someone just played the Firefly Theme on set. I'm so giddy, I wanna shoot a Fed in the face!

@ sebroche We're all over the place!!!@ iansomerhalder @paulwesley @natebuzz @katgraham

Bryan Lee O Malley


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