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Week two of the Olympics and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the only thing Twitter’s been talking about is the Olympics. Well, until this morning when the only thing Twitter wanted to talk about was the Mars landing. Neither of these are sci-fi (technically), of course, but both have exemplified humanity at its near-superhuman best.

To celebrate a long weekend we can all be proud of here are the stars of sci-fi’s endearingly geeky takes on events:

@ edgarwright We got our ass to Mars.

@ BambolaBambina I wonder if they will find my Cylons on Mars?!?! #MarsCuriosity

@ nickjfrost Touchdown Confirmed. Now to make contact with Kuato.

@ EddieMcClintock I haven't seen this many nerds cheering, crying %26 hugging, since the announcement of a seventh season of Star Trek: Next Generation, in '94

@ MarsCuriosity I'm safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!! # MSL

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ ManMadeMoon Every time Heroes gets played at the Olympics, my dad has a Highlander style quickening. #littleknownolympicfacts

@ SamuelLJackson OKaaaay..... GB screwed by some Pommelfuqqinhorse JUDGE Horseshit AGAIN! WTF!! Smith wz BRILLIANT! [ Ed - this really isn't anything to do with sci-fi, but it was too good/bizarre for us not to include]

@ charltonbrooker The Russian cyclists are dressed as henchmen from a 60s Dr. Who movie.

@ GrantBowler Spent the morning rappelling In preparation for Tuesday shooting #bestjobever #Defiance #defianceworld #defiancegame

@ Paul_Dini I love it when people with no appreciation for science fiction/fantasy try to explain, create or even pronounce "steampunk."

@ stevendeknight Band of Brothers meets Halo. Bam! RT @Salexoxo what is your new show about? Can we expect drama in 'spartacus' style?

Behind the scenes on the Proof of Concept shoot for my new show being developed by Starz. Me on left directing.

@ TobyHadoke Another "Greatest Film Of All Time" Poll, another cruel oversight for Tremors (when will they realise its majesty?) :

@ BRIANMBENDIS So every great game has a thing that never gets old. In the marvel mmo it is the hulk head butting any and everything

@ David_Boreanaz Who is this guy Angel everyone keeps tweeting me about and who's Buffy?

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