20 of TV's most loveable rogues

11. Ray Donovan (Ray Donovan)

Who ya gonna call? Californias most infamous clean up hero is on hand to cover up the blood stained carpets of the rich and famous. Liev Shreibers Ray Donovan is a fixer of other peoples problems, but he cant seem to solve his own. Rays life is a Greek tragedy that is rife with complications, including a tense relationship with his criminal father, a stormy marriage and a profession which places him at the centre of every dodgy dealing in town. A downtrodden hero with a heart, we can't help but love him.

10. Claire Underwood (House of Cards)

Robin Wrights Claire Underwood is the perfect match for her scheming husband and his dirty dealings. Franks missus is the devil in heels, with perfectly manicured claws to scratch out her enemies eyes. Throughout the show Claire meets her competition with an icy glare, but its her softly spoken approach that sends chills down the spine. While she may not have a good bone in her body, the politicians' wife can be vulnerable on occasion, proving she is human after all.

9. Jack Bauer (24)

With a 24 hour countdown breathing down his neck, we can forgive Jack Bauer for any reckless behaviour on the job. As an agent of the Counter Terrorist Unit, Jack is tasked with some heavy duty missions, including saving his daughter and wife from kidnappers, while stopping terrorists from assassinating a presidential candidate. The show made waves for its (almost) real time story-telling and fast paced drama, but its Kiefer Sutherlands gung-ho character that steals the show.

8. Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Introduced to the show as a narcissistic knight of the Kingsguard, whos also having a bit of his sister on the side, Jamie Lannister is instantly unlikeable. However, in later seasons Nikolaj Coster-Waldaus character reveals that hes more than just a good looking egotist with incestuous tendencies. When Jaime forms a bond with Gwendoline Christies Brienne of Tarth, it is clear that the naughty knight has a caring side which we cant help but fall for.

7. Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Rogue heroine Faith, played by Eliza Dushku, gave Buffy the Vampire Slayer some of its best material. Second to Sunnydales original slayer, Faith bulldozes into town looking to help clean up the vamp population. However, she decides to ditch the Scoobies and switch sides in season 3 when the Mayor makes her an offer too good to refuse. With a wicked glint in her eye, pouty lips and leather trousers, seductress Faith had no trouble winning over audiences.

6. Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

In a world where walkers run loose, Andrew Lincolns Rick Grimes risks everything, including his sanity, to stay alive. At the onset of the show the former sheriff and all round good guy is put through his paces protecting his family and friends. However, as the show progresses the lines between good and bad become blurred, and Rick is forced to adopt a much more immoral approach to keep his crew alive. But it doesnt matter how much blood is spilled, hes got his gangs best interests at heart.

5. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Buffy the Vampire Slayers bleach blonde bad boy burst onto the scene in season 2, terrorising the slayer and her pals. Spike, played by James Masters, and his basket case girlfriend Dru ruled Sunnydale as the shows super villains, until Buffy chased them both out of town. Several seasons later a Buffy-obsessed Spike returns, hell bent on taking his revenge, but instead of a heated battle the pair give in to their passions, much to the delight of fans everywhere.

4. Frank Underwood (House of Cards)

House of Cards sees Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood, the dirtiest politician on Capitol Hill. Frank forms a seedy alliance with a reporter (Kate Maras Zoe Barnes) so, he can set a series of scheming events in motion. His ambition may be ruthless, but the fact that Spacey breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the viewers creates a 'special' relationship, which means we'll forgive him anything.

3. Don Draper (Mad Men)

Mad Men's leading man can spin words like magic in the advertising boardroom AND the bedroom. When Jon Hamms Don Draper makes a play for a new client or a new woman, his smooth talking comes up trumps, but behind the sharp suits and slick exterior Don cant conceal the cracks. With a troubled past growing up in a brothel as Dick, a failed marriage and a lothario love em and leave em attitude, Dons flaws prove to be addictive viewing.

2. Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)

Gun slinging Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion, rides through space aboard his ship Serenity, looking for bad guys to bring down. The Captains unorthodox methods, which usually involves wisecracking his way through a fight, places him in penultimate position on the list. Fans loved Joss Whedons space cowboy so much, that when the show was prematurely cancelled studio bosses brought the loveable rogue back in a movie.

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