Turns out VR works on chimps too, and they react just like us humans

Well, I have the answer to a question you’ve probably never, ever asked: yes, VR does work on monkeys. And turns out they love it. It looks like the chimp in question is playing a balloon-popping game, which Myrtle Beach Safari posted to Imgur way back in 2016. Thanks to the ebbing and rolling tides of the internet the video has resurfaced and you can see the full thing in action below:

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What’s incredible is how quickly the chimp gets to grip with the game itself, actively walking around to pop more balloons and holding the VR headset to its face to make sure it doesn’t fall off. The primates have the intelligence of the average two-year-old child, so if you wanted to replicate this experiment instead of asking a zookeeper some suspicious questions about the availability of chimps you can always use a toddler. Your own toddler, obviously. We don’t want a Netflix style chimp-toddler-VR documentary. 

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Zoe Delahunty-Light

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