Turns out Dead Rising 4 will have timed missions after all - they're part of the DLC

Since its inception, the Dead Rising series has relied on timed events and an ever-present countdown clock to spur players forward and encourage multiple playthroughs. The timer will be removed for Dead Rising 4, but those who prefer their zombie slaughter with a clock - like the good ol' days - will get their chance via DLC. Oh, and they'll get to play some mini golf too.

Microsoft has revealed the details of the $24.99 Dead Rising 4 season pass, and it's a … somewhat eclectic mix. First up is the Christmas-themed vehicles, weapons, costumes, and zombies that are part of the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack.

Then there's Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, which doesn't really sound "mini" at all. A press release describes zombie hordes as obstacles and weapons as putters. You'll be able to tackle 18 holes with up to three friends online.

Lastly, for the hardcore crowd, there's Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising. Frank has been infected (again) and must find an antidote and uncover a conspiracy before becoming a brain-dead flesh-eater. It's not clear if this will be a new story a la Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, or just Dead Rising 4 but with a timer, but we've reached out to learn more.

There's no word on when exactly each of these DLC will drop, but with Dead Rising 4 due on December 10 and the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack leading the charge, I can't imagine it will be long before Capcom gets the ball rolling.

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