Dead Rising 4 doubles the zombie count for a "zombie killing playground"

Dead Rising 4 will feature twice the number of undead as Dead Rising 3 did, executive producer Bryce Cochrane told GamesMaster at E3 2016. Arguably even better, the sequel will remove one of the series' biggest grievances among players: the timer. These and other changes are being made so that Dead Rising 4 can become "a zombie killing playground" for players, according to Cochrane.

"If you wanna go kill zombies, you can do that," Cochrane said. "If you want to follow the campaign, you can do that as well. And choose what you want to do while you’re playing the game."

You can thank a reworked animation system and dismemberment tech for the larger horde. "One of things that we did do for this game, and to allow us to put so many more zombies into the game, is we went in and re-did our animation system so we could get more onto the screen at a time. And also do more destruction to those zombies. So as you see right now, you slice them in half but depending on where you hit them you dismember them differently."

Twice the zombies and dismemberment tech. In any other industry or social situation, talking about these things would get you some serious looks. In video games, it's reason to be excited. Dead Rising 4 comes out for Xbox One this December.

You can read more about Dead Rising 4 in next month's issue of GamesMaster.

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