Turbine gets funding, "new titles" on the way

Turbine, Inc has revealed that a number of investors have pumped $40 million into its coffers, including Time Warner, for the development of "new titles".

"With this funding we are uniquely positioned to change the future of online entertainment as we bring new titles to market, as we expand the platforms we support and introduce new technologies to sustain self-evolving game worlds." said Turbine president Jim Crowley.

Bring new titles to the market, eh? We'd wager that's not just an off-the-cuff remark either. After all, LotRO is already doing quite well and you don't exactly need $40 million just to keep the lights on.

"Online interactive entertainment is a huge growth market," said Rachel Lam from Time Warner. "We are very excited about Turbine, its unique capabilities and the obvious opportunities that exist with our own broad portfolio of IP."

No titles have been confirmed, but Time Warner's 'broad portfolio' includes IP from Warner Bros. New Line Cinema. Cartoon Network and DC Comics. Sweet.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 5, 2008