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Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Lost Leader On The Internet
Lost has found a massive audience on the internet, according to Variety . While its TV viewing figures may be down on previous years (though hardly drastically) it seems the shortfall can be accounted for by the 35.8 million video streams of full-length episodes, clips and other shortform content viewed by 1.4 million unique viewers during the month of March. And that‘s not even including fans who get their fix by more dubious means.

Gondry On Green Hornet
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry has been speaking to Coming Soon about his rather unlikely new project – a big screen version of The Green Hornet written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, of Superbad and Pineapple Express fame. Rogen will also star. "Seth and Evan, they are the writers,” says Gondry, “but they really listen to my ideas on the movie. I think the story is getting much better and better and I feel like I'm really a part of the process. I think we're all trying to be a little different than we were before on this project, just by interacting with each other and the producer Neil Moritz adds a different taste as well, so all that will create a new universe."

Avatar Actors Couldn’t Be Camera Shy
According to actor Laz Alonso, who appears in James Cameron’s upcoming SF epic Avatar, some of the cast were filmed "by 197 cameras, simultaneously, in real time.” There's more of his interview at .

Jolie For Sin City 2?
According to Movie (who we hope don’t talk out of their movie hole) Sin City 2 is now back on, and director Robert Rodriguez has once again been talking to Angelina Jolie about committing to starring in the film. Let’s hope they can commit her to eating a bit more as well...

Tron 2 Takes Off
Slash (surely a name that sends out all the wrong signals), has a couple of on-set pics of the new Tron movie being prepped. Shooting begins any day now.